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It’s no secret that the official launch of MultiVersus has been delayed, and due to recent troubles uncovered at Warner Bros., fans are concerned that the game is part of a wider problem. But don’t worry — the delay in Season 1 has nothing to do with Warner Bros. finding out about the merger.

According to game director Tony Huynh, the delay in MultiVersus has absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing outage of Warner Bros. Discovery.

“For those wondering, we’re not affected by the Discovery/Warner Bros merger. #MultiVersus,” he said via twitter.

Released in beta a week ago, MultiVersus, the online platform fighter from Warner Bros., features many of the company’s hottest properties and best-known characters.

But while the game is still in public beta, fans have been concerned about what Warner Bros.’ recent hiatus will mean for the game — especially since certain characters (like Shaggy and Velma) are based on attributes that have seen high-individuals. Data cancelled.

“I’m a little nervous about what’s going on recently,” said one fan via twitter. “Will we get a refund if the game closes early? I just bought a $50 [in-game currency] Last night’s gleamium, intend to get through it slowly over time…”

During the company’s second-quarter earnings call yesterday, it was revealed that Warner Bros. Children and Animation will see widespread cuts across streaming and broadcast platforms…and that’s what’s making MultiVersus fans especially nervous.

While Huynh continues to downplay the delay, some fans aren’t entirely convinced. “If it turns out you are? Then what?” said another player via twitter. “If some of the biggest directors can’t guarantee their veteran TV shows, how can you guarantee that there will be no impact on what’s being offered? Will you cash out a refund?”

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Still, I can’t help but think MultiVersus is safe. After all, it had an absolutely huge beta launch and has had some impressive player counts since. As for when the first season will officially start, we will wait and see.

Want to learn more about MultiVersus? Check out our character guide for a full list of playable characters, as well as our tips and tricks to get the most out of your battles.

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