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Monster Hunter Rising, both in Switch and PC form, is excellent — Eurogamer calls it “on the level of what a video game can achieve” — and its Sunbreak expansion could be even better.More, then, is a very welcome proposition, and we’ll soon know exactly what Sunbreak’s first major post-launch update will look like newly announced Live next week.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s upcoming digital event will be hosted by producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and game director Yoshitake Suzuki, and the program will begin in twitching Next Tuesday, August 9, 3pm BST/7am PDT.

Capcom has already teased some upcoming content in August’s Title Update 1, with the seething Bazelguese and Lucent Nargacuga (from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, respectively) confirmed as new monsters in the lineup, while Forlorn Arena will be added as a new locale.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s Lucent Nargacuga will appear in Sunbreak’s title update 1.

Capcom’s previously revealed roadmap also leaves some glaring gaps, however, teasing “several other monsters” in Title Update 1, including rare and special species monsters, all but guarantees Tuesday’s event will unveil these mysteries.

As for what else the presentation might bring, a title update 1 release date is set, new DLC cosmetic additions seem likely, and we might get some clues about title update 2 as sometime this “fall” , will bring its arrival.

If you haven’t migrated to Sunbreak, it’s worth your time. Eurogamer’s Martin Robinson is already mesmerized by the base game and is impressed with the additions in the expansion pack released in June, Say“Sunbreak will be another savage Monster Hunter expansion, but I’m happy to find that there’s enough balance in it for me to approach it with excitement rather than fear.”

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