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In the gaming world, it seems almost impossible to meet someone you haven’t heard of at least my world. Its vast open world, limitless creative potential, unique visuals, and that it’s a game that doesn’t require high-end PC specs, all contribute to its mass appeal, transcending age groups, and often just one of the One of the largest IPs in recent history. Part of the reason for this continued popularity is that fans are not only keen to tweak the experience, but other franchises as well.

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As discovered by PCGamesN, YouTuber CRAIY and another user named Joris have basically turned to my world Enter The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildA recently uploaded video showing what this mod contains, it shows that the two not only implement some of the physical aspects of the latter, but also incorporate some gameplay elements.Basically, it’s not just rebuilding Zelda Visually game, but appears to be a complete package with game-changing mechanics.

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One of the things shown in the video is Breath of the WildThe Sheikah Tower and the Sheikah Stele, and the camp containing the Bokoblins. Towers and campsites are also randomly generated. But where this mod really resonates is that it allows players to pick up iron blocks and move them around. They can even push them around or throw them away.It can also create icicles in water, as well as throw and detonate bombs, similar to BotW. The ability to pick up blocks can even be used for mob spawners, which is convenient for players.

Overall, this is a very impressive mod that anyone interested can download. It’s also not the first time someone has put this iconic Nintendo franchise into Mojang’s open-world game.A while back, another user showed an image they were also remodeling Breath of the Wild exist my worldso fans seem eager to finally bring the two together.

not only Breath of the Wild One of the most famous games in the world The Legend of Zelda It’s also one of the best Nintendo games ever made, according to Metacritic.That reason alone is enough to justify people wanting to do it themselves my world Its version, coded by CRAIY and Joris, does look appealing, especially for those who like both IPs.

my world Now available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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resource: PCGamesN, Cray Net

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