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Put on your costumes and get ready for Halloween 2022’s new Marvel Comics initiative, “Read Without Sugar,” in which publishers will be offering free copies of some popular comics, which Marvel describes as “the perfect cut for newcomers.” point”.

The five Marvel Comics offerings for Trick-Or-Read 2022 include several previously released titles that have recently been re-released or are about to be re-released, as well as some games outside the publisher’s mainstream superhero offerings.

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First up is The Amazing Spider-Man #88, the goblin queen introduced from the recently wrapped Amazing Spider-Man reel, which ends with the “Beyond Spider-Man” story. The Amazing Spider-Man recently relaunched with the creative team of Zeb Wells and John Romita, Jr., and according to Marvel’s Trick-Or-Read announcement, Queen Goblin will play the series’ character in an upcoming Dark Web story, which also includes Ma Dereen Pryor, the goblin queen.

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