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The League of Legends MMO has been rumored since 2020, after Riot Games lead designer Greg Street announced on Twitter that he was very happy with his new job role and that something big was about to happen in the League of Legends world. When a commenter asked if it was an MMO, the answer was simple: “It’s an MMO.” It’s not hard to see how this has caused some confusion in the community – one of the world’s largest game developers has announced what is arguably their biggest project in a reply to a tweet.

Since that day in 2020, there has been no further information about the project until a rather large post on August 1st. It’s Greg again, taking some of the frustration out of the lack of information and why the project was announced in such a low-key fashion.

“The announcement was our CEO’s idea. We thought it made sense to announce it quietly to help recruit (we need a lot of veteran MMO players), to spark player interest, and because we thought it might leak anyway.

“In this industry, you usually worry about someone taunting you,” he continued, “but it’s harder to do with an MMO. Everyone more or less knows how to make one. The challenge actually does it, And it requires a lot of cost and time.

“Another big risk of announcing early is maintaining momentum. For years, it can be difficult to keep players engaged and excited. They can get impatient with the trickle of information, or worse, interpret normal developmental rates as Something went wrong.”

The impressive announcement is to take some of the potential pressure off the team and help with recruiting. I’m not sure there’s a way to lower expectations for one of the most ardent fan bases on the planet — it’s just a small seed for what’s to come. There were more questions than answers left, and the community was told to just wait and see what they came up with.

“If feedback is not what we want to hear, we want to be able to make massive adjustments, even if it means delaying the game. It pays to make sure the game exceeds your expectations, which I might add is already quite sublime .”

The idea of ​​releasing zero information gave the production team almost limitless leeway if things didn’t go the way they wanted. Games in the past have had trailers released on day one, so when that game finally comes out, things will inevitably be different. Fans and the media poured over these early game material, separated them and analyzed everything – the developers almost always got slammed for “missing content” (Cyberpunk 2077, we’re looking for you).

That’s all we have right now, and Greg is basically telling us to “watch this space”. Personally, I’m looking forward to everything Riot brings us in the future – I just have to keep my excitement on the Rift right now.This League of Legends Patch 12.15 If you want to keep up with the changes Riot makes to its published projects, please comment here.It’s okay to check out How much did you spend on League of Legends By now, you might need to save up for those inevitable MMO makeup.

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