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  • Lawyers representing both Sandy Hook parents told the jury at Alex Jones’ trial to “take him away”.
  • “Alex Jones is patient zero because our society cannot help lying,” the lawyer said.
  • The jury in the Jones defamation trial is weighing punitive damages for the Infowars founder.

“Take him out.”

That’s what lawyers representing two Sandy Hook parents who are suing Alex Jones for defaming his false “hoax” claims about the Holocaust, asked a Texas jury to do Friday as they weigh charges against Infowars founder punitive damages.

Attorney Wesley Ball said of the far-right conspiracy theorist in Jones’ final argument on the punitive damages stage: “Take him out of this misinformation, this lie-peddling discourse, and make sure he can’t anymore. Did it.”‘ Defamation Damages Trial.

“I demand that based on your sentence, you not only take away Alex Jones’ platform, but also make sure he doesn’t rebuild it,” he added. “That’s punishment. That’s deterrence.”

Jury in civil case Thursday $4.1 million in damages awarded to the parents of plaintiffs Neil Hessling and Scarlett Lewis (6-year-old Jesse Lewis), 26 people killed in the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut massacre one.

Now, the parents’ attorneys want the jury to compel Jones to pay them $145.9 million in punitive damages — up to the $150 million total they originally asked for at the start of the two-week trial.

“Alex Jones is patient zero because our society cannot help lying,” Ball told the Travis County District Court jury. “He has zero patience for alternate facts.”

“I hope we never see someone like him again,” Ball said, adding, “I hope your verdict will get him out.”

Heslin and Lewis are suing Jones and his media company Free Speech Systems for defaming his lies about mass shootings.

Jones has been tacitly accepted by a Texas court and a Connecticut court for his description of the atrocity as the deadliest K-12 school shooting in U.S. history.

Ball told the jury that while he was “very grateful,” they had paid his clients $4.1 million because the money would “forever” change their lives “without affecting Alex Jones in the slightest. life”.

“Your sentencing is not punishing or preventing in any way, and that’s what this stage is about,” Ball said.

A forensic economist who testified in the case earlier on Friday estimated the combined net worth of Jones and his media company to be between $135 million and $270 million.

Ball told the jury the contents of Jones’ phone were Inadvertently sent to opposing lawyer last month It was a text message from Jones saying he made $4 million in the week after he took the platform off the social media site “years later”.

“We know the man is [witness] The position was actually a lie,” Ball said of Jones, who testified in his defense during the trial. “When he was breathing, he was lying.

Jones’ defense attorney F. Andino Reynal asked the jury on Friday for a “fair and proportionate” verdict, and he recommended $270,000 in damages.

“You have sent a message,” Reiner told the jury. “The first time you sent a message to a talk show host, you sent a message to all talk show hosts that their standard of care has to be different.”

A jury has begun deliberations on the matter.

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