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The GOP’s fervent desire to turn America into Gilead presents Democrats with an excellent opportunity to turn things around in the upcoming midterm elections, but only if they go all out and commit to fighting the culture war.

Earlier this week, ardent opponents Roe v Wade Conservative Kansas voters are eagerly anticipating a possible ban on abortion by the Republican-dominated state legislature.

In a surprising plot twist, Kansas voters reject hateful amendment A difference of nearly 20 percentage points.

Of course, there can only be one explanation: Latte-loving vegans, who eat avocado toast and change pronouns as frequently as their hybrids, spew and vote from their biodegradable plastic foam. No.turnout is Huge across the board, even in staunchly red conservative and rural areasIt seems that most Americans in the 21st century accept that women are the ones who should have autonomy over their bodies, and they refuse to be the handmaidens of a radical Republican Party that won’t rest until Christian theocracy is established.

One monmouth polls This week’s release supports it. American voters are most concerned about abortion (17%) and gun control (17%) after economic policy (24%). Privacy is a “dining table” issue after all. With many Republicans refusing to support gun control, it seems outrageous and hypocritical to claim that “pro-life” people have lost 50 years of their constitutionally protected rights when juxtaposed with videos of school kids doing their best to dodge bullets. Even with inflation, pandemics, disinformation and high oil prices, most Americans still want Democrats to retain political control.

The numbers are staggering given President Biden’s numbers dismal approval rating, has been hovering in his 30s, and historically, the president’s party has been defeated in midterm elections. None of these figures track normal political trends. Then again, nothing has been normal since a corrupt vulgarian was narrowly elected president in 2016. Now, we’re dealing with an increasingly hostile GOP that believe the big lie, Prefer offensive weapons than our kids, reject scienceand Willingness to potentially ban contraceptives and end marriage equalityIt seems that the modern Republican Party, backed by right-wing hackers in black robes, won’t stop until it ravages our liberties and kills this country until 1953.

The question remains whether Democrats will deal with the changing landscape, or will they tread carefully and refuse to engage with hot cultural issues so as not to alienate these mythical moderate voters from the heartland? Journalist Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of Latino Rebels, remains skeptical. “Even after it is clear that the multiracial, multiethnic coalition led to Barack Obama’s historic victory in 2008, Democrats in 2022 still seem to have completely forgotten those years, once again stuck in the mid-’90s, worried that being ‘racially’ would make the White voters are upset,” he told me.

Timidity, defensiveness and fear are a losing strategy, according to Anat Shenkar-Osario, president of ASO Communications, who runs weekly focus groups to test messaging strategies with potential voters. According to her, Democrats must stand up and fight if they want to win over surging and swing voters and energize their base. “Democrats need to keep attacking because people are hungry To demonstrate leadership,” she told me, citing swing voters who “are attracted to decisiveness for the decision itself, regardless of the content of that decision. ”

She said that explains why they found Republicans attractive, even though they kept describing them to her team as “evil,” “snakes,” and a party that “doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.” Republicans seem to use their power to get their job done and execute their agenda, popular or not. Shenka-Osario said the tests showed that expressing enthusiasm and certainty made these voters feel like they were listening to a leader and that “someone was taking over, like a shepherd.”

after the incident Dobbs In power, however, Democrats lack that glowing anger and leadership. Although they were well informed, roe Democratic leaders respond as leaked draft opinion to be overturned crappy fundraising emails and empty, A sad call for a midterm vote. With Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a few others, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the talk show connects the dots, offers solutions and reflects people’s righteous anger.

Professor Anthea Butler, Author White Evangelical Racism: Moral Politics in Americashared that disappointment and told me that Democratic voters are often “disgusted” [the party’s] inaction and ineffective messaging,” which has nothing to do with the urgency of the moment. However, she believes Democrats now have an opportunity to finally respond, “which can be effectively done by pointing to the brutal and realistic consequences of their fundamentalist retrogressive social policies. Dismantle the pseudo-moral movement of the Republicans, which will turn the country into an uneducated country. Plenty of conspiracy-inspired, lackluster humans. “

Shenka-Osario agrees, and her data confirms it. According to her, the Democrats’ message should be simple: “Trump Republicans will take away our liberties.” The message evokes loss aversion, a phenomenon in which people prefer to avoid potential losses rather than evaluate future gains. “Once you have something, even if it’s not that good, you don’t get excited about losing it,” Shenka-Osario explained, recalling Republicans threatening Trump during his presidency How people blocked Congress when the ACA was going to be removed. Repeating a simple, effective message works, resonates with voters and, according to Shenka-Osario, “breaks the noise.”

That kind of “noise” or “flooding the area with shit” according to For Steve Bannon, it has always been dominated by the right-wing media ecosystem that produced remakes and reboots of Southern strategies unleashed during the Civil Rights Movement Intimidate the white majority to vote against their own interests. Now everyone hears their verbal shit: “Immigrants will take your jobs”, “CRT is erasing our history”, “Democrats will take your guns and your freedoms”. Republicans are pushing to create a culture war by activating permanent status threats in which a new group, be it immigrants, blacks, Muslims, feminists, LGBTQ or Teletubbies, will take over white dominance in the hierarchy status. It was a vomit projecting, spreading fear and hate slogans, repeated on Fox and on the right, to the point that it became gospel. Sadly, it works.

However, the reality is that Republicans Yes Actually Attack our culture and freedom. They banned books, punished teachers, threatened businesses, suppressed votes, attacked the U.S. Capitol, took away our freedom to elect our president, and ended women’s right to abortion.

When Democrats speak out about the hateful vision of Republicans, and in turn offer compelling and clear alternative narratives, they win.Recent examples include Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow, who chose to respond to her Republican colleague’s hateful “beautician” allegations viral video In it, she articulates her identity as a white, straight, Christian mom whose values ​​inspire her to reject the Republican Party’s “empty, hateful plans” and anti-LGBTQ bigotry. She promised Democrats “will not let hate win.”McMorrow’s enthusiasm and clarity were greatly rewarded by donations and media engagement, and her presentation was Used as a template for democratic messagingShenka-Osario told me that when they tested McMorrow’s speech, with or without mention of race, a naming contest was more convincing in a sample of 5,000 voters. So many don’t engage in culture wars.

Gov. Gavin Newsom is another great example of the Democratic offensive.On Independence Day, Newsom Advertise in Florida List all the ways in which “liberties are under attack by Republican leaders,” such as book bans, voter suppression, speech restrictions, and criminalization of women and doctors. He invited Floridians to join him in California, a state run by Democrats where they protect and defend liberty. According to Shenka-Osario, it was a refined trolling, but more importantly, a very effective and memorable delivery of information.

As Democrats prepare to head to the 2022 midterm elections, facing a completely radical Republican party that flatters traitors, religious extremists, criminals and Christian nationalists like Marjorie Taylor Green, they must fight at the knife Knuckles in the middle, if Republicans leave, they must get them on their knees low and fully engage in the culture wars to defend women, people of color, poor and other marginalized communities crushed by the Republican hate machine.

Shenka-Osario’s message to Democrats is simple: “Grab your turf, keep attacking, and say what you’re always going to be — to be better on the court, better in the crowd. If you If you don’t spread it, it won’t work.”

Now is the time for Democrats to speak up.

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