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This Necromancer is a somewhat powerful profession Guild Wars 2The builds and tips we’ll share here will show you how to maximize the destructive power of this death master. Grab your torso and get your vial ready because things are about to get creepy.

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exist battle, Necromancers are a formidable force on the battlefield. They can be found as slow and clumsy brawlers, lethal at close range.Or a terrifying support that inflicts constant weakness on enemies, but in this guide we’ll focus on omen Elite professional.

Necromancer strengths and weaknesses in PvP

As always, we’ll start with a brief overview of the Necromancer’s overall abilities within the scope of the PvP game mode. First let’s see”Role” Positions that certain classes can occupy in PvP:

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  • damage
  • Duelist
  • rover
  • support

Necromancer has potential play any role. Although the overall reduction in sustainment makes them less self-sustaining than other occupations.This reaper Elite specs are excellent rovers or duelists, but need to be used with care as they are easy to kite.This natural disaster Elite specs are great supporters in any game mode, PvE or PvPand their damage output is not to be underestimated.

However, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and the necromancer of darkness and doom wouldn’t have been any other way. While they are masters of attrition and only slowly but surely rout opponents in constant situations, They lack a way to mitigate massive burst damage.

Necromancers can visit vitality and some way of turning life force into gain – depending on which elite specialization you play; you can use life force to cast spells damage spellprovide yourself with a second health bar, or various other neat tricks. This mechanic comes at the cost of less active damage mitigation, as Necromancers will take direct hits, but too many hard hits will knock them down completely.

In this guide, we’ll focus on a more powerful Necromancer PvP build – meaning we’ll take advantage of omen Elite specs for our purposes.

Demonic Herald of Destruction

pioneer is At least An enduring iteration of the Necromancer, But their losses more than make up for it. exist Shroud of the Herald, the Necromancer can launch a barrage after an attack with a powerful condition on the target. There is also some mobility to their shroud abilities.

As a Herald Necromancer, you’re trying to get as much into your Shroud as possible and unleash hell on your enemies. The key to victory is knowing when to fire and when to withdraw and return to your support. It will be your job to put a lot of pressure in teamfights, So don’t try to single-handedly knock down difficult opponentsbecause you’ll have your teammates picked out by the enemy team’s damage dealers.

As a pioneer, you excel at overpowering opponents with aggressive play, But you’re vulnerable to clever counterattacks. If you are lured by your teammates, you can easily be united and quickly annihilated by the enemy’s burst damage.

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Harbinger PvP Build – Dark Destroyer

We’ll cover some good trait choices in this section. As mentioned, we’re going to focus on Harbinger, as it’s considered one of the strongest PvP specializations in the game.This elite major gives you access to pistolThis Shroud of the HeraldThere are some strong Elixir Practical Skills.

For traits we will focus on curse, death magicand Pioneer Characteristic Line.

for cursewe will use the following:

Plague Teleport you transfer two conditions The first attack when entering the Shroud.
The road to corruption Shroud Skill 2 (Dark Barrage) turns favors into conditions.
Weakened Shroud throw weak (Concentration skill five, which turns the buff into a condition) Whenever you enter the shroud, plus your critical hit causes weakness.

for death magicwe will use the following:

shroud removal Lost a condition when entering Shroud – In Shroud, every three seconds you remove a condition and get pile of carapace (Extra Toughness) Whenever you remove a condition from yourself.
Dark Rebellion whenever you disabledgrant yourself Protect grace.
Corruptor’s Frenzy get a bunch carapace Whenever you place a condition on your opponent.You will also get a pulse Protect when in 25 layers of carapace.

For pioneers, choose these traits:

evil vial Reduced cooldown time for Elixir utilities 20% and also cause the drug to cause Vulnerability to the enemy.
twisted medicine gifted by Elixir Too Grant to your allies within the sphere of influence of the elixir.
rapid death while in Shroud of the Heraldgranted to yourself and allies near you speed Every three seconds.

Necromancer PvP Stats and Gear

For gear stats you will use the full carrion (condition damage, strengthand vitality). This gives us enough damage to be a threat, but also enough health to make you make some mistakes.

For weapons, a pistol and dagger will be your main weapon.This staff It’s a great backup option due to its usefulness.

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