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Now, you can read the entire argument made by Elon Musk’s lawyers that his latest changes are actually Twitter’s fault in this 165 page document Just made public by the Delaware Chancery Court.

You know the basics of the story. Musk bought a bunch of Twitter stock. Musk agreed to serve on the company’s board and promised not to try to buy Twitter. He then changed his mind, used some of his Tesla stake to arrange the necessary financing, and finally agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion. He then changed his mind again and tried to back out of the deal, leading Twitter to sue the world’s richest man, forcing him to buy the company as he said it did.

Twitter’s lawyers are already investigating Musk’s business dealings, trying to find evidence that the shift was about something else, and now we can see Musk’s side arguing that, in effect, they strategically obstructed, distorted and Totally deceived his efforts to find out why. A lot of people actually tweet.

The second half also includes Musk’s team’s answer to the Twitter lawsuit, if you want to read a very expensive argument in its entirety.

Whether you agree with Musk’s lawyers or Twitter’s, it’s certainly easier to understand if the documents are unified. He claimed Twitter had lied about statistics reflecting the number of its active users and how many of them were bots, a fraud he claimed had resulted in a “material adverse effect” that should make him drop the transactions they signed.

Twitter has released point-by-point responses containing most of the documents, but you’ll have to hear from both sides before they meet in court on October 17.

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