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Arc System Works has revealed the timeline and release roadmap for Guilty Gear Strive’s upcoming content this year and next.

One of the surprise releases of Arc System Works in a critical and commercial sense was Guilty Gear Effort from last year. It’s one of the fastest and highest-selling titles in the series, and the developer capitalized on its hype with plenty of post-launch support and content.Earlier this year, the rest Guilty Gear EffortThe first season pass of the game has been launched, adding two returning favorites to the game. The season pass ends with the addition of the plump wandering samurai Baiken and the charming Will of the Reaper.

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Shortly after The Will was added to the first season, Arc System Works confirmed that a number of things were in the works.One of them is a story expansion called Guilty Gear EffortAnother story from , which focuses on characters that aren’t part of the main plot, such as Baiken, May, and Ramlethal Valentine. Around the same time, the Season 2 Pass and cross-play between the console and PC versions of the game were also announced. Earlier, at the premiere fighting game tournament EVO, Arc System Works gave a rough roadmap of what fans can expect through the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

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As the upcoming timeline confirms, Guilty Gear EffortThe second season of the pass will start with new characters added in summer 2022, but no specific date has been listed. Around the same time, the PS5 and PC versions of the game will get some improvements. The PS5 version of the game will receive a patch to reduce input lag for players, while the Steam version will receive an update to reduce connection times for the initial server connection.

In addition, fall 2022 will be Guilty Gear Effort, another DLC character was added in the meantime. Not only that, but Arc System Works will also host global cross-platform beta testing for all versions of the game. This beta is planned for mid-September, and more information on how to join these sessions will be announced later. The Crossplay updates listed will be released around the same season.

The winter period will include the game’s major combat balance patch, although it doesn’t list anything specific.As for 2023, since Guilty Gear EffortThe Season 2 Pass will have only four characters, the last two of which will be released this year. Each character will also add an extra stage. Arc System Works notes that this timeline is tentative and may change in the future.

Guilty Gear Effort Available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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