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Technically, the new feature will be released in 2021, but only for a small number of users. But now Google is slowly rolling out a tool they label “Organize Keywords into Ad Groups.” Tauqueer Aziz first caught our attention on Twitter and was confirmed by a Google spokesperson today.

What does Google say. Google confirmed the new feature in a statement today:

You can always manually choose to add keywords to an ad group (manually select keywords to add). This feature adds the ability to use an automated machine learning system in which we suggest which ad groups are best for keywords, rather than your manual placement.
This will hopefully save advertisers time and effort if they have thousands of keywords/ad groups to sift through. The ability to manually add keywords is still there.

Why do we care. This new feature is designed to save advertisers time by automatically assigning keywords to relevant ad groups. But like most automation, use it sparingly. Test, analyze, and adjust as needed.

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