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Google added structured data support to read and possibly use the pros and cons of product review snippets in Google search results.Google Say You can now “by providing Advantages and disadvantages of structured data on the editorial comment page. “

Pros and cons look. Here’s a screenshot of the pros and cons shown in a snippet of Google’s search results:

documentation. Google has added a new section to the documentation here It says “Pros and Cons: Help people see a high-level summary of the pros and cons of editing product reviews. Available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Appearance of pros and cons for Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish. While Google tries to automatically understand the pros and cons of editing product reviews, you can explicitly provide this by adding positiveNotes and/or negativeNotes attributes to nested product reviews Information. Be sure to follow the pros and cons guidelines.”

you can see Sample code is here.

test tools. google updated Rich Results Test The company says it examines the strengths and weaknesses of structured data in addition to all the other structured data types supported by Google Search. Google says you can use this tool to verify and confirm that your structured data is correct and that Google can read it.

Guidelines. Google adds that if you add pros and cons structured data, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Currently, only editorial product review pages are eligible to show pros and cons in search, not merchant product pages or customer product reviews.
  • There must be at least two claims about the product. It can be any combination of positive and/or negative statements (eg, an ItemList tag with two positive statements is valid).
  • Advantages and disadvantages must be visible to users on the page.

Structured data is not required. Even without adding structured data, Google may still show strengths and weaknesses, according to Google.I actually found This was in the wild about a month ago. “If you don’t provide structured data, Google may attempt to automatically identify the pros and cons listed on the page,” Google wrote.

Google does say that “structured data that you provide will be prioritized over automatically extracted data.” So it’s better to add structured data if you have it.

Why do we care. Anything you can do to increase your click-through rate from Google searches to your site is a good thing. Adding more elements and rich results to your search snippets may help you increase your clicks. So give it a try and test it out.

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