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Fortnite vehicles have suddenly fallen prey to un-arched crash pads of late, as Epic’s battle royale players take advantage of the destructive advantage of new, bouncy and highly unstable elastic blocks.

Players, vehicles, and even some projectiles that hit the crash pads will be launched into the sky, but the crash pads also eliminate fall damage. That means you can hop on them recklessly — for our money, best give up — and, if you have enough crash pads in one place, it’ll frankly generate some stratospheric height and speed.

TheBestFiras posted a video On Reddit they were shown dropping 12 Crash Pads before driving the car into the stack. Despite how the physics should work, the reality is that the car is launched into the air at 472 mph and doesn’t slow down as it approaches the edge of the map. The car then slammed into the water with such force that the camera freaked out and jumped into first-person mode in a state of understandable panic.

BXTwo2 did something similar with a trioAll three of them got on a bus, drove on some pads, and were launched to an island an incredible distance away. While we can’t be 100% sure if this is reliable enough to be a competitive strategy, it certainly leads to some interesting moments and we’d love to see it become part of the metadata.

In other Fortnite news, the voting system Epic has been using for The Block actually has a sizeable flaw that could undermine democracy itself. That doesn’t stop Fortnite from appearing alongside many other great shooters on our list of the best battle royale games. However, if you prefer fewer runs and guns, you can try one of the best multiplayer games around.

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