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Yesterday, Square Enix officially announced that the upcoming Tactical Ogre: Rebirth is the PSP remake of the SNES game Tactical Ogre: Let’s Stick Together.

However, some fans were unhappy with the graphics changes and the cost of the remake.

The original’s pixel art has been smoothed for a rounded effect, while the text has been sharpened with the new font.

Tactical Ogre: Rebirth | Announcement Trailer

“No, this doesn’t preserve the look of the original art or how it looked on the CRT… Tactical Ogre is a very important game for me, so it breaks my heart,” said one user said on Twitter.

What’s more, fans were disappointed by the game’s price: £44.99 in the UK.

Considering this is a remake of the 2010 PSP game, itself a remake of the 1995 SNES game, fans thought the game was overpriced.

However, Square Enix has been pricing it high lately. When Final Fantasy 7 Remake released on PC, it was £65; Forspoken was available for pre-order on Steam for £65; and the Kingdom Hearts series on Switch was £80, although it was cloud-based.

That’s a relatively low percentage of £45 by comparison, but it’s still a lot of money for a remastered game that might be aimed at a nostalgic older audience.

We haven’t seen a price yet for the upcoming remake of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

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