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Fallout 4 mod Fallout London will be a full-scale, fan-made follow-up to Bethesda’s defined RPG series, and while it won’t be fully released until 2023, you can test some of its guns, armor, and even a brief quest right now .

The Fallout London team has released a Fallout 4 mod pack featuring a catalog of assets from the upcoming RPG, all with a unique, highly appreciated British flavor. We’ve previously reported on how the game’s vehicles have a strong sense of ’90s nostalgia — other Fallout London assets, from weapons to clothing, are similarly branded with a unique and exaggerated national identity.

There’s a Bren gun, a cricket bat, a grenade sealed inside the cricket ball (make sure you have the proper one-liners – we recommend throwing it into a group of raiders and yelling “Howzat!”), and a Wimbledon Climbing tennis rackets. Clothing-wise, it might be practical to stroll around the Commonwealth in power armor, but nothing says God Bless the Queen quite like wearing palace guards or even medieval knights smashing super mutants into pieces. To add to the role-playing value, you can also add to your settlement some standing log cabins that Buckingham Palace guards stand in all day. Your blown-up sheet metal shack might not seem like much, but it’s guaranteed to give it some royal prestige.

In order to add all these British-themed gear to your inventory, you’ll need to head to the plane crash site near ArcJet Systems and talk to the new NPC Merchant Nick, who we’re guessing is named after Wheeler dealer Nick Greek from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. He’ll give you a brief quest, and once done – Robert is your father’s brother – all Fallout London guns and costumes will be available.

Fallout London Asset Pack is now available in link module, will definitely keep you occupied as we await news about the Fallout 5 release date. You might also want to play along with some of the other best Fallout 4 mods, or try something else entirely from our list of the best RPG games. Elsewhere in the world of Bethesda, there’s been a lot of news about Starfield’s release date, and hints that the space adventure could be accompanied by survival mechanics as well.

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