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Whether you read the comics, watched the ever-expanding MCU ten times from start to finish, or are a Marvel fan of any kind, there are countless things to argue with other fans. The big deal is whether Civil War is an Avengers movie. If you ask the creators of Marvel’s Avengers — the game, not the movie — then apparently yes.

The much-maligned superhero game has two new costumes this month. One for Iron Man and the other for Hawkeye. However, the name of the new version of Archer is technically wrong, but it will please fans who have been debating Captain America: Civil War: it should have been classified as Avengers since it was released six years ago Union Movies.

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The new outfit is called “Hawkeye’s Marvel Studios Avengers: Civil War Outfit”. Anyone who’s seen it will recognize this as the new look Hawkeye wore in the Civil War, so it’s not a hybrid of the wrong Avengers movie label used by Crystal Dynamics. The people in charge just assumed Civil War was an Avengers movie, not technically Captain America 3.

Well, either that or the CD employee who wrote the description is a proud defender of the belief that Civil War is an Avengers movie and should be labeled that way. There are so many MCU heroes in the film that fans are understandably confused, and at times even upset that it doesn’t get the Avengers treatment. The film lacks the appearance of two of the MCU’s core Avengers, the Hulk and Thor, which is likely why it gets the Cap’ label.

In the replies to the Reddit post above, the debate over what the movie should be called is raging. If you don’t want to mix in words from six years ago, or just don’t like the new outfit, stick with the summer-themed Avengers fans who have been craving it since its debut. Whenever a leak is officially confirmed to be accurate, there’s also her-Hulk arrival to look forward to.

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