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Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, says his main residence is now a three-bedroom property he bought for $45,000, mostly because it’s in Bocachi, Texas Card, near his SpaceX factory.

“It costs about $45,000,” Musk said in a statement. Send the podcast in full, airs later Thursday. “It’s very small.”

Musk added that the house is a short walk from the facility where SpaceX is building “giant rockets.”He pointed out that he also had a crateable tiny house In Boca Chica, he used it as a guest house for visiting friends.

Musk, estimated worth $268 billionhas long been in the spotlight for its unusual lifestyle, such as a recent report saying, twin with one of his senior executives Last year, or around the time he had his second child with musician Grimes.

“My friends came and they couldn’t believe I was going to live in this house,” Musk said on the podcast. When asked if he liked being there, Musk replied: “If I’m there alone, that’s fine.”

The house was originally a two-bedroom, but Musk said he converted the garage into a third bedroom. He added he was trying to change the street’s name from Weems Street to Meme Street.

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The $45,000 price tag is very low for a U.S. home, with the median listing price hitting $450,000 in June, according to Musk did not mention when the house was bought, which could have happened before prices rose during the pandemic.

One property currently for sale on Weems Street is a 1,000-square-foot home listed as a “fixed vamp” for “SpaceX enthusiasts” that is list $375,000.

Musk didn’t always live in a modest home. The billionaire reportedly held a real estate portfolio worth $100 million at one point, though in 2020 he announced on Twitter that he was selling his properties and vowed to “not own any houses.”

In December, it was reported that Musk actually lived in the Austin mansion owned by Ken Howery. Wall Street JournalHowery, who co-founded PayPal with Musk and others, bought the 8,000-square-foot home for $12 million in 2018, when it was the most expensive property in Austin, According to Forbes.

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