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If you’re wondering where Godfrey went between battles, it turns out he was hiding under the Erdtree.

While modders are removing Erdtree entirely, one player decided to glitch beneath it to see what FromSoftware is hiding in its roots. As it turns out, it stores several final bosses under the map, Godfrey’s second phase.

Vlad17design uses the special ability of Malenia’s Blades to move down the roots to a post, where they shuffle to the edge of the cliff. Normally invisible walls here would kill you fast, but vlad17design went around and got to where they found Godfrey (thanks, DualShockers).

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He stood there awkwardly, hands open, eyes cold and dead. He won’t attack you – he’s frozen. But if you go back and kill him in his arena, then go back to Erdtree’s roots, you’ll find that he’s gone. Somehow, he climbed a tree, jumped out for a quick duel, and died. But that’s not the only boss vlad17design has discovered.

They went as deep as possible into the roots of the tree until they found an inaccessible area where a gigantic creature could be seen. It’s hard to figure out what it is, but fans speculate it’s Elden Beast, the final fight for the Elden Ring. That means there are two complete final bosses neatly hidden beneath the Elden Ring’s world.

Going a little deeper, vlad17design found the arena and entrance to the final boss, so it looks like we’re fighting Elden Beast a lot deeper than initially thought. Or it’s just clever game design used to hide key assets, not taken literally. That’s about it.

If you want to see these bosses in their unnatural habitat for yourself, you can do your best to replicate the video embedded above, but dodging invisible walls isn’t as easy as vlad17design seems. Regardless, even after these months, we still have a lot to discover about the Elden Ring.

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