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An Elden Ring player shared a video showing the true power of the powerful dark spell he used to kill a Leyndell knight.

Eldon Ring is a continuing sensational global fanbase who loves the game’s many laudable features, such as its story and gameplay. Unlike previous FromSoftware games that were niche-specific, the company’s latest titles have become ubiquitous and loved by a wider audience. Eldon Ring broke GTA 5 Within two months of YouTube’s launch, the platform had more than 3 billion views.

One of the main reasons for the game’s great success is its difficulty and vast open world filled with challenging bosses like Malenia, Alecto, Malliketh and many others. These boss fights are tough and often require multiple attempts.Meanwhile, some intuitive players use magic and spells Eldon Ring Defeat your opponents with ease.

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Eldon Ring There are many spells, including Darkness, which may be underestimated by some players. A recent video uploaded on Reddit shows how powerful dark spells can be when used properly. Redditor AdranosGaming uploaded a short video on the social media platform showing off their adventures in The Lands Between. The video shows the user lurking in Leyndell’s shadow and being approached by the enemy. Once an enemy gets close enough, AdranosGaming bombards it with dark spells to limit its visibility. The Redditor then sneaks behind the enemy to slam and drain their HP bar significantly.

The user repeats the process and gets the fatal blow on the second attempt.this special Eldon Ring The spell casts a cloud of black mist that makes it harder for enemies to spot the player, making it very effective in stealth mode. Unsurprisingly, the post was widely praised by the Reddit community, as evidenced by nearly 5,000 upvotes and numerous positive comments. Many users are unaware of this special ability and thank the original publisher for bringing awareness to it. Players can purchase this spell from Brother Corhyn or Oath Priest Miriel. It should also be noted that dark spells do not work with bosses and other powerful opponents.

The enemy shown in the AdranosGaming video is the Leyndell Knight, a humanoid robot tasked with protecting the royal capital of Leyndell Eldon RingWielding a heavy sword and a huge shield, these knights were considered extremely dangerous due to their high protective armor and impressive fighting skills. They are the soul of a specific Leyndell Knight Kristoff, which can be summoned by using the Elder Dragon Knight Kristoff Ashes.

Eldon Ring Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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