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Here’s a bit of a start: EA has put Liverpool star Diogo Jota’s real-life “player” celebration into FIFA 23 – a celebration that has Jota imitating himself playing FIFA.

Context: One of my favorite 2021 video game stories is Jota having to pull out of the FIFA 22 tournament early to play the real game that afternoon – and the player’s celebration after scoring just 97 seconds later.

Jota sits down and pretends to play FIFA to celebrate. (Jota scored a second goal late in the first half, continuing his stellar performance in front of goal. Liverpool went on to win 4-0.)

Curiously, Jota’s next scheduled opponent in the FIFA 22 tournament, then-18-year-old French player Yanis “Lyamooo” Aguili, revealed on Twitter a chat between the two players that took place before the Liverpool star took off .

Jota and Aguili will compete in the online qualifiers for the FIFA 22 Global Series.

Jota’s presence in the game was not a publicity stunt. As reported by Eurogamer, the Portuguese is not only a world-class footballer, he is also a world-class FIFA player.

In February of last year, Jota was once again world No. 1 on the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions leaderboard with a 30-0 scoreline in the weekend league (a 30-match unbeaten win in FUT’s most hardcore competitive mode is a record for a professional player) International FA player shooting).

“It’s been like another passion of mine since my dad gave me my first PlayStation as a kid. I always play football on it,” Jota told sports December 2020.

FIFA 23 Official Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer.

Now, EA has revealed that it has added Jota’s Player Celebration to FIFA 23, which you can see at the 6:30 mark in the video above.

Well played, EA. I think this one will go viral online!

FIFA 23 launches on September 30 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch. Check out our FIFA 23 game preview for more info.

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