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Last week, Midnight Society, a game development studio led by YouTuber Dr. Disrespect, announced that crash is the title of its first game. crash is a first person shooter and Escape from Tarkov-like. Squads will venture into a futuristic skyscraper, loot, battle hostile squads and evacuate, loot that can be dropped on death or carried over to the next round. crash It’s still early in development, but Dr. Disrespect does talk about the game a lot on YouTube.His latest revelation is a crashof qualifying.

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In a recent YouTube livestream, Dr. Disrespect thinks out loud about the possibility of a ranking model crash. No ranked mode crash However, of course, because the game has only been in development for a few months. But disrespect Dr. already thinking about what a ranked model would look like. A key point of Dr Disrespect is that the ranking happens in a “separate structure” compared to the norm crash round.

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The idea Dr. Disrespect came up with was not necessarily to isolate low-skilled players from high-skilled players, or even to keep players who weren’t ranked high enough from different areas of the game. In fact, quite the opposite, Dr Disrespect came up with the idea of ​​an area open to all players, but higher stakes and more experienced players would be drawn to. “Maybe the items inside have a different value system,” Disrespecting how Dr. describes this different structure.

On the one hand, the idea of ​​disrespecting Dr. is really funny. High-level players will be more confident entering this more challenging structure, while less-skilled players will stick to the original area, where they can gain experience and get less powerful loot. On the other hand, one must ask whether this design choice is more in line with Midnight Society’s monetization goals – its NFT program.

Even six months after development, Midnight Association made it clear crash There will be massive integration of NFTs and blockchains. It plans to allow players to freely trade in-game items on its own NFT marketplace. It should be easy to see how a “premium” area similar to a ranked model could prove profitable in this case. Rare, more expensive NFTs could fill this space, attracting more experienced players just for the earning possibility.

Obviously, there’s a lot to be said about the Midnight Society’s plans crash, about game design and its NFT monetization. Doubts surrounding the project and Dr. Disrespect’s engagement remain high, but few disagree that more competitive online multiplayer games are generally good for the industry.

crash Currently in development.

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