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The Doom community never seems to tire of recreating or reimagining classics in their own way, and one fan made an impressive film.

that classic stamp doom Remaining in the gaming world is almost permanent, and its continued popularity comes not only from the official reboot, but also from the modding community. In fact, the original entry has some of the funniest mods in video game history, some of which completely transform it into new beasts. Fans still want to give the series a lot of love, and one person created their own project entirely in their shed.

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A YouTuber named Bill, who runs a channel called Games Made of Cardboard, uploaded a video a while back showing their real version doom. It pays homage to the iconic game by depicting the game’s monsters, set pieces, and music for classic installments and reboots. As the channel name suggests, all assets are made out of cardboard except in their shed. This makes the video even more impressive, which is only the first part, and the description says it took Bill a year and a half to complete.

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Cardboard seems like an unusual material to recreate a game, but something similar has happened a few times in the past.In fact, just recently someone made a drivable Mario Kart 8 The vehicle is entirely made of cardboard.and also Nintendo Labswhich is essentially a collection of cardboard toys that can be turned into Switch accessories, such as a motorcycle, a fishing rod, and even a working piano.

Id Software’s series is great for modding and fan entertainment. Its long history has had a huge impact on the FPS genre.Not only has the community been creating mods for the game since its inception nearly three decades ago, but doom Has been ported to many wild and wacky devices.Everything from smartwatches to treadmills my world They have iconic shooters.

Generally speaking, doom is one of the best arena shooters of all time, including Doom 2016 and doom forever. As for when Bill will be able to show the second part of their cardboard film, it’s hard to say. It will obviously take a long time to bring the project to life, especially in tight spaces, but the current video in general showcases impressive skill and dedication, nothing but love for the classic game .

doom Released in December 1993, it works on multiple platforms and has been ported to many systems.

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