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A new line of NFTs called Crooked Cops is capitalizing on growing fears of police corruption and brutality by selling more than 5,000 “unique collectibles” minted on Ethereum. It has already faced backlash due to its lack of sensitivity to the subject, and it allows you to customize NFTs with “weapons” and “special equipment”.

The Twitter page claims that Crooked Cops NFTs are the “reason” against police brutality, sharing news articles, laws, video footage of police abuse, and more, but it uses the platform to promote and market its website that sells NFTs. What’s more, not only do they despise police brutality by turning “bad cops” into creating your own NFT avatar, but they are layered like video game loot. There are gray common, blue rare, purple epic, golden legend and green myth.

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The description isn’t much better: “Every item on your crooked cop tells a story. Maybe you like introducing the helpless old lady to his taser, or maybe he’s just looking for an excuse to test him The braking power of the new shotgun. What’s your liar cop story? What qualities make him or her special? Now mint. “

When customizing avatars, each item has a description, and these descriptions are also very insensitive. pistol “It gets the job done. If not, keep shooting mercilessly in their backs,” the description reads. Tasers likewise turn police brutality into a punchline, “It’s always more fun to shoot at a twitching target.”

Similarly, special equipment slams things like handy malfunctioning body cameras while squirting you can make your NFT avatars of any gender or skin color, because curvy cops aren’t “racist pigs.”

While 50% of the proceeds will go to charity “based on community feedback”, Crooked Cops also used the money to fund a “unique roguelike dungeon crawler” featuring Crooked Cops avatars, doubling down on the lighthearted keynote. serious topic.

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