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If you’re just getting started with Dinkum, you know that slow and steady is the key to having a good time in this outback farming simulator. Bugs can sometimes get in the way of this comfortable experience, but luckily the latest patch for the game squashed a lot of them.

Dinkum patch 0.4.6 is now live, creator James Bendon has Steam update page. Patches cover multiple areas, but moving is a big deal. Moving your house in-game will cause items inside to be removed or duplicated, but this shouldn’t happen right now. Also, the game will not prompt you to upgrade your house when you move it, and vice versa, asking you to move your house when you upgrade it.

If you want to bring a friend over to help you collaborate, they will have a better experience now too. Some visiting players don’t get health buffs, they don’t wake up well rested, and they’re still tired even after going to sleep. Also, a bug prevented players from turning in at night and continuing to the next day. All of these should now be fixed as well.

Other bug squeezes in patch 0.4.6 include incorrect animal trap actions, unexpected locking of inventory slots, and a strange issue where players could be locked in the air during flyovers. The patch also includes some quality-of-life improvements, such as a pause button in single-player, an underwater vehicle that returns to the surface when reloading, and overall stability.

Those who enjoy fishing at Dinkum should also note that Wattlebrew no longer offers fishing buffs, but Jellybrew does now. There are plenty of fish to catch in the game, and we’ve put together a full list for anyone who wants to see. If you want to catch marlin, we can also tell you where to catch marlin.

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