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Befriending Gabumon can give Digimon Survive players early access to Garurumon, but before they can do so, they’ll first need to answer its questions.

While nowhere near as popular as Agumon, Gabumon is easily one of the most recognizable Digimon in the entire series. For this reason alone, many players will be eager to befriend the cute little reptile Digimon as soon as possible, although there are plenty of other compelling reasons to seek out Gabumon early on. Digimon Survival.

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Gabumon is a rookie form of Garurumon, a very powerful Digimon and one of the protagonists of the game. Digimon Survival. The latter also has access to several more powerful Digivolutions, making it a valuable addition to any early game team. However, Gabumon is only found in half the battles, as the player still needs to find the best answer to his question.

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How to Make Friends with Gabumon in Digimon Survive

By Part 4 of the game, players should already know pretty well how to make friends with Digimon Digimon Survival. If for some reason they don’t, they’ll want to select the “talk” option in combat and then find Gabumon from the enemy list on the right. Next, they need to answer their questions and statements to fill the bar above their heads. The best replies will add two segments each, three or more are required to have a chance to be Gabumon’s friend.

Despite the roughness of some of its statements, Gabumon is actually a rather gentle soul. It responds well to people who reflect its kind nature, so players should choose peaceful responses as well as people who reflect traditional values. Still, it can be difficult to know how to answer one or two of these questions, so players may want to refer to the table below for the best Gabumon answers if they find themselves on the loose.

Question/Statement best response
You sure like to puff out your chest around a weak monster like me. Strength doesn’t matter.
Wanting to fight a peace loving person like me… You humans are too cruel. I love peace, myself.
I bet you have some secrets, right? Come on, tell me one! I dare you! I have nothing to hide.
What do you think determines what is right or wrong? reality itself.
You may see people around you as friends, but maybe you’re actually alone? do you have any friends?
Let’s make a deal: fight, I’ll give you an item! Interesting proposal!
Who do you think is worse? Liar or cheated? Liar, hehe!

Where to find Gabumon in Digimon Survival

Beginning in Part 4, Gabumon started appearing in random shadow encounters, eventually appearing in some free combat locations in the second half of the game. Like Agumon, it’s a very hard-to-find novice Digimon, so it’s well worth being a friend if the player has the chance to do so. This is especially true for those who want early access to Garurumon and its powerful Digivolutions.

Digimon Survival Available for PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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