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Diablo Immortal players asked to add a rather enjoyable addition to the RPG game – a Diablo 3-style pet system. While the free-to-play game has proven divisive, with some players unhappy with its microtransactions and forced warband system, Diablo Immortal continues to be a success, recently surpassing 30 million installs after its launch in China. Now, its fans are looking for a fun and useful addition to aid Diablo Immortal’s upgrade process.

Diablo III has a range of class-based pets and followers, but Diablo players are interested in non-combat pets that follow your character and automatically collect nearby drops for you. Fellow action RPG Lost Ark has a similar system, where your pet can grab dropped loot, and also provides remote storage and mail access, as well as small buffs for the player character.

Reddit user OK_Support9029 came up with the idea On the official subreddit of Fantasy Games. They say, “There’s nothing more annoying than having 100-200 stacks of gold dropped after you’ve moved to the next set of mobs come back”, suggesting that gold-catching pets would be the perfect solution. “I’ll always be back [to the game],” they continued, “but how much better would the gaming experience be if I had a little trash goblin by my side? ”

Some players have noticed that perhaps this addition could be a reward for finally finding Greta’s cat, as the poor girl has been wandering the streets of Westmarch every day since the game’s launch, calling for her pet. Others are skeptical of the microtransaction potential the system could bring — some commenters say they’d be happy to buy different cosmetic pets, but others worry it could be tied to recurring monthly fees.

Personally, we think it’s a good idea. pets of diablo 3 It’s cute, from the little skeleton dog and the Protoss probe in StarCraft to a miniature avatar of Diablo itself. It would be nice to see what options might be available, maybe it could create another cosmetic type in the battle pass, which has previously overwhelmed players with its offerings.

Meanwhile, if players can pet the dog of the Dark Immortal, maybe they’ll be content. Be sure to check out our Diablo Immortal Tier List and Best Diablo Immortal Legendary Items guide to ensure you’re set up for success. If you’re not happy with your current character, we’ve also included a Diablo Immortal class transition guide – before making the leap, be aware of which of your Diablo Immortal cosmetics are class-locked.

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