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Looking for a Destiny 2 Xur location? Xûr is Destiny 2’s Exotic Gear Vendor. He shows up every weekend, selling the game’s most coveted items in exchange for Legendary Shards, but if you’re a casual player with limited spendable shards, it can be hard to know which ones you should buy from his inventory thing. This is where we come in.

Xûr offers random dice rolls, and has been doing so since changes in 2020, so this exotic businessman offers a lot of excitement as he might roll with god.we will update this Destiny 2 Xur Location Guides are provided shortly after he arrives every Friday, so if you’re reading this, you just have to read on to find out where he is, and the best items he’s selling this week.

While he’s hopping around every week, Xur’s position has been rotated regularly for a while, so it’s easy to figure out where he is.

Today’s Destiny 2 Xur Location

this week, Destiny 2 Xûr is located in the EDZ.

Xur’s Inventory

  • exotic97 Legendary Shards
  • tractor cannonShotgun, 29 Legendary Shards
  • lucky pants, Hunter’s Leggings, 23 Legendary Shards
    • Mob: 28
    • Reply: 3
    • Records: 2
    • Discrete: 16
    • Intelligence: 6
    • Strength: 12
    • Total: 67
  • peacekeepersTitan Leggings, 23 Legendary Shards
    • Mob: 3
    • Reply: 3
    • Records: 24
    • Discrete: 9
    • Intelligence: 13
    • Strength: 6
    • Total: 58
  • eternal soulWarlock Gauntlets, 23 Legendary Shards
    • Mob: 9
    • Reply: 9
    • Records: 16
    • Discrete: 2
    • Intelligence: 6
    • Strength: 20
    • Total: 62

All Xur spawn locations

With some Destiny 2 planets blocked, Xur has been easier to find than ever in recent months. He will always arrive at one of the following locations:

  • hangar, tower
  • Winding Bay, EDZ
  • Watcher’s Grave, Nessus

When will Xur arrive in Destiny 2?

Xûr appears every Friday at 10AM (PT)/1PM (EST)/6PM (BST) and will continue until Destiny 2’s weekly reset on Tuesday.

Who is Xu Er?

Xur, also known as the Agent of the Nine, is a mysterious Jupiter merchant who appears in a different location each week, selling rare gear to the Guardians. He appeared in Destiny 2 and the original game, and while little is known about him, he claims to have no agency, just a servant of the Nine.

Exotic Crypto Quest

In addition to various Destiny 2 Exotics, Xur also sells Exotic Cipher quests. This is actually a bounty that will require you to complete several strikes, Gambit matches, or something like that. After completing the quest, you will be able to purchase additional Exotics from Xur.

For more information on generally good FPS games, and Destiny 2 In particular, you can follow these links and keep following us for more information. If you’re still on Bungie’s sci-fi raider shooter, check out our Destiny 2 lesson guide and our pick of the best Destiny 2 builds so you can get raid-ready faster.

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