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At a booth at CPAC in Dallas, Texas, there was a “silent disco” where a man pretending to be a Jan. 6 prisoner cried in his cell.

Freelance journalist Laura Jedeed shared on Twitter that it was “the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen”.

“At this CPAC booth, you’ll receive a silent disco headset playing the harrowing testimonies of those arrested for their involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots,” she added. “Not dancing, but Stand and watch this guy cry.”

“What I need you to understand is that I was standing here for about half an hour yesterday and this guy never broke character. He sat on the bench and cried. He sat on the floor and cried. He was set up for that purpose. days are recorded on the blackboard,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Twitter users were quick to mock the arrangement.

Tommy Vitol of Crooked Media, a former Obama administration worker, tweeted: “This is incredible. A crying rebellion boy in pajamas art installation.”

fortress Editor Jim Swift wrote that the installation was “a reminder that the wildest elements of the Republican Party are often failed drama geeks.”

atlantic organization Contributing writer McKay Coppins added that “being a right-wing victim of the performing arts is actually the focus of CPAC, so it makes sense”.

According to WUSA9 reporter Jordan Fischer, the man pretending to be in custody is Brandon Straka, the founder of the “Go Away” campaign that began before the 2018 midterm elections to urge liberals to leave the Democratic Party . He allegedly participated in the disturbance but avoided jail time for his “substantial” cooperation with investigators, according to his attorney’s statement in the sentencing memo.

A man Mr Straka shared with the FBI is serving a 60-day prison sentence for what prosecutors say is “valuable”, WUSA9 reports.

Alejandra Caraballo tweeted: “Brandon Straka became state witness, didn’t serve, is now in fake jail more than He was involved in the J6 uprising for more time.”

She added: “Hello boy, let me tell you about migrants who have gone through worse just to seek a better life and security.”

reason Magazine reporter CJ Ciaramella wrote: “I think there are a lot of people who spam me with ‘maybe not criminal’ and are watching this with heartbreak.”

“Let’s not forget this is the same group of CPACs who gleefully chanted ‘lock her up’ to Hillary’s emails in previous years,” Seth Cottard, a professor of American history at Willamette University, tweeted. Crowd. But participating in an insurgent attempt to subvert the 2020 election? Such an act would cause tears of sympathy at CPAC.”

“I give up. There is no saving grace for these people. We are now in mitigation mode. We will do our best to stop the spread of stupidity, but it will be with us for a while. Fasten your seat belts,” tweeted the Michigan GOP Watch. .

“Without video evidence, I really would never have believed it could be real – even today in 2022, our country is completely insane – even by these standards, it’s insane. The right is so bad …it’s horrible,” another Twitter user wrote.

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