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It’s always amazing to see amazing Minecraft builds. Minecraft isn’t a game about inheriting a weird shapeshifting gun and having to attack an evil refrigerator, but it’s certainly a very simplified description of the controls. It’s also a pretty handy comparison because today we’re looking at this amazing Control-inspired Minecraft build.

Ominous_Hippopotamus on Reddit, who happens to be the owner of our favorite handle, posted a video of a hardcore base They’ve been at work, inspired by the brutalist beauty of Control’s The Oldest House. The Old House is a very strange place, full of unusual trinkets, weapons, and creatures from other realms. The whole place can best be described as disturbing, and the base video by Ominous Hippopotamus captures that perfectly.

While we only have a brief look at this base, it feels pretty accurate. The open atrium with welcoming plant life greets the player at the start, but upon turning a corner, the video shows disturbing geometries protruding and distorting the space itself.

It’s just a great recreation of the area, and while it’s unlikely to let the Heath float around and cause havoc, it’s a firm reminder again just how much attention and love you put into so many buildings you see in Minecraft. It obviously took a lot of time and effort to make it feel accurate, and the lighting is especially charming.

It’s this attention to detail that lets players build things like the Ghostbusters theme song in Redstone, or the ability to create a data pack that lets you play around with Breath of the Wild. It could also be the same kind of love that led people to turn bees into Steve, but we’re not sure. If you’re interested in creating your own nightmare, be sure to check out our guide to Minecraft skins and the best Minecraft mods to set yourself up for success.

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