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Mars Fans are eagerly awaiting the launch Ares Ragnarok Later this year, new game will wrap up Norse mythology storyline that started in 2018 Mars PS4 games.While many enjoy the latest Mars In the game, some fans held out hope for a return to the franchise early, demanding the original Mars Remake or remake.

Sony has not announced any plans to develop Mars A remake, but now fans already know what such a project would look like. YouTube channel TeaserPlay, which makes concept videos for hypothetical video games, recently posted a video showing Mars If the remake was built with Unreal Engine 5, it might look like. The video shows Kratos, equipped with the Chaos Blade, exploring various scenes of Greek mythology and conversing with Zeus.

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Interestingly, this concept video reimagines the original Mars More in line with the style presented in 2018 Mars games and upcoming Ares Ragnarok. One of the most obvious ways to achieve this is to use very similar camera angles to those seen in newer versions Mars headers instead of the more pullback views used in the original Mars game.

Although a Mars The remake is yet to be developed, and the good news is that much of the series is easily accessible on PlayStation’s latest hardware, playable on PS4 and PS5. god of war 3 remake is the native PS4 version, while the PlayStations Plus Premium subscription offers Mars HD version of fan access Mars and god of war 2also God of War Ascension.

There are some Mars However, the missing game in the lineup God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Soul of Sparta As of this writing, neither is available. PS Plus Premium may eventually expand to include these games, especially since the service is expected to add more PSP titles.Most fans would probably prefer to see a wide god of war legend What’s gleaned from the PS3 can make the jump to newer hardware, though.

Sony’s past plans Mars The game is still unclear, but as for the future of the franchise, we know exactly what to expect in the store.This Ares Ragnarok A release date is just around the corner, so the wait for what’s next for Kratos and Atreus is coming to an end.

Mars Available on PS2.

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