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  • The diver who helped lead the 2018 Thailand cave rescue tells Insider about life after the rescue.
  • John Volanthen just launched an online leadership course and is the subject of Ron Howard’s new film, Thirteen Lives.
  • Volanthen reviews the hard-earned lessons and discusses the details of his most famous dives.

it’s been a busy summer John Wallanson.

British cave diver Co-led the rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach Emerging from the flooded Tham Luang Nang Non cave in July 2018, marking the 4th anniversary A triumphant revival last month.

Volanthen sees himself accomplish that task again, this time on the big screen, in a unique experience played by Hollywood actor Colin Farrell in Ron Howard’s “Thirteen Lives,” which, according to Volanthen, is a testament to daring The dramatic and accurate description of the rescue mission ultimately saved the lives of everyone trapped in the cave.

On top of that, Volanthen this week launched a free online course he created in partnership with EdApp, the mobile training platform Safety Culture.This Leadership Stress Course A collection of the most valuable lessons Volanthen has learned during his years of high-pressure underwater cave diving, designed to make them more accessible and applicable to a wider audience.

In an interview with Insider this week, Volanthen looks back on his hard-earned lessons and discusses some of the details of his most famous dives.

share his wisdom

After the Tham Luang cave rescue, Volanthen said he began to reflect on the knowledge he had gained in high-risk cave diving over the years and realized that the lessons could easily be applied to other workplaces as well as people’s daily lives.

on-line course Designed to help users build their leadership skills, courses cover risk and reward, high-pressure situations, and the importance of teamwork – all through Volanthen’s unique perspective and guided by his vivid images and teachings.

Throughout the course, Volanthen introduces and expands on concepts of his own creation, such as “The Quiet Voice” – an intuition-like inner guide that can help in stressful situations; A cache of previous lessons to rely on during stressful moments.

“Hopefully it gives some people some inspiration, or just a partial understanding of what they’re capable of,” Volanthen said.

Director Ron Howard stands with several divers, including John Wallanson "Thirteen lives" Premiere.

Director Ron Howard (center) with divers Chris Jewell (from left), Conor Rowe, Josh Bratchley, Rick Stanton and John on Monday, July 18, 2022 Worlanson poses for a group photo as he arrives in London to watch the movie Thirteen Lives.

Photography: Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

see yourself on the screen

Volanthen also made his film debut last month, albeit played by someone else.

Worranson said he was unable to travel to Australia, where the film was filmed, due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic during the production of “Thirteen Lives.” But as one of the film’s key characters, he was still able to influence the final product.

Volanthen told Insider that he spent a lot of time working with the writers and sound departments, which he thinks is paying off.

“Underwater storytelling is absolutely amazing,” he said. “There’s definitely a sense of drama underwater, it’s not an easy thing to do.”

But he said the strangest aspect of the filmmaking experience was without a doubt watching an actor avatar him on screen. Volanthen and Farrell met multiple times on Zoom, with the former trying to teach the latter how to be him.

“It’s weird to try to teach someone to be you,” Wallanson said. “It’s not something I expected to have to do, but I saw the film and found out that a lot of the mannerisms he learned weren’t the ones I might have expected or tried to teach him.”

Worranson praised Farrell for being very thorough, and quipped that people in his personal life told him the actor was “doing a better job than me.”

The film will begin streaming on Amazon Prime on Friday.

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