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war zone Since its launch in March 2020, it has seen quite a bit of ups and downs.

The free battle royale game has more than 125 million Players — but it’s also riddled with lingering questions that persist to this day. But despite that, fans are cautiously optimistic about the next installment, Warzone 2.0. Some see the next game as a means to achieve highly requested features.

Others, like tech writer Steve Vigvari, are excited about starting over.

“The game desperately needs a reset,” Vegvari told inverse. “Clearly the Activision team needed to develop a unified version of the game, not a baton war zone currently seen. “

Every year, the latest Call of Duty game incorporates war zone; 2020, black ops cold warand in 2021, pioneerwhich replaces the previous setting and also increases the number of weapons.

A complex selection of around 130 weapons, wild visual bugs and stubborn cheaters are just Some Problems players have dealt with over the years.This is why players want Warzone 2.0a brand new experience built from the ground up, will address the lingering issues of the first game when it launches later this year.

inverse Talk to 10 people war zone Players can learn more about their gaming experience And their hopes and concerns for the future of the series.

current state war zone

Fortune’s Keep is a new small scale map added in Season 4.Activision

war zone As of August 2022, it’s in a tricky position. On the one hand, it’s arguably better than ever. But multiple players said that being limited to PS4 and Xbox One has limitations. Since its launch, war zone Players have experienced crashes, performance issues, stuttering frame rates, and even intangibles on the main battle royale map, Caldera.

“I’m not very confident in the game right now,” stage actor Sterling M. Oliver told inverse“The performance issues of older generation consoles made it difficult to be a social experience, which was the main draw for me.”

The lack of substantial updates is another common complaint among players, though it’s more bothersome than others.

twitch streamer violet green says war zoneThe current state of the game is “one of the most boring times in a game I’ve ever seen”. She used to play almost every day, but now, Green is drawn to other games. “There simply isn’t enough exciting or new fun content to keep players interested in returning every day.”

Instead, freelance game writer Ryan Epps feels good about the game in its current form. “war zone Currently in a relatively good position. It has three critically acclaimed maps (my personal favorite is Fortune’s Keep), and as far as I can tell, there’s far less cheating. “

The problem of cheating in 2021 is very serious. It is not uncommon to be cut down by multiple walls in an instant, or even run over by a speeding car. thank goodness, war zone Anti-cheat initiative RICOCHET seems to have blocked most hackers.

back for more

Warzone has had a lot of problems, but many players continue to return.Activision

some players inverse And the respawn mode added to Respawn Island and Fortress of Fortune brought them back into the game. Unlike traditional battle royale modes on Caldera, where there is little chance of respawning, Resurgence will keep putting you back into battle as long as at least one teammate is alive. It feels more like a traditional, fast-paced multiplayer match than a battle royale.

“The only thing that got me back war zone It’s revival and sniping,” Green said. “It’s one of the only things that will interest fans of classic Call of Duty multiplayer war zone. “

war zoneThe biggest selling point has always been the intense, high-stakes gameplay. Each map has a reward loop that encourages players to hone their tactics and improve.

“The fun that keeps me coming back is teaming up with friends to strategize movement and map layout, and then doing small mini-matches on the wider map,” but “some extra macro strategy adds some fun,” explains Oliver.

Epps said he has also been waiting for a tactical challenge. war zone Not an easy game. But that’s why it’s so much more satisfying when you execute a well-executed strategy, especially with friends.

“Movement, expanded arsenal, very detailed maps, and war zone All of that keeps me engaged consistently,” Epps said. He also explained how he likes checking his stats, saying it feels “good” to play well against the masters.

Raven’s recent update made more weapons viable to keep the game from getting stale. There was a time when the game’s metadata (the most effective tactics available) led everyone to use the same gun or two, but now, the resources to choose from are plentiful.

Others applauded Raven’s thoughtful quality-of-life tweaks to the game’s main map, Caldera.

“Right now, what’s holding me back are the core improvements to Caldera,” Vegvari said. “We’re still on the same level as Verdansk (the main map prior to the game), but the increased mobility, reduced foliage, and current metadata keep me coming back every week.”

cautiously optimistic

If Activision plays the right cards, Warzone 2.0 may be just what the community was hoping for.Activision

overall atmosphere Warzone 2.0 Absolutely optimistic.

“Of course I’m optimistic Warzone 2.0mostly for the modern setting and weapons that everyone fell in love with,” Green said.

Still, players would like to see a sequel that addresses a lot of issues.

Less choice is a common requirement for players inverse talked. Many people feel that there are too many weapons and attachments in this game, and it is difficult for newbies to have to keep up war zone Love the work of staying on top of metadata because it changes so frequently.

“I’d really like to see a return to scale with all the different weapons and characters — as long as the base is established first, a good foundation can be laid,” said Billy, who asked for secrecy.

exist war zone Weapons Meta, certain firearms tend to dominate every two weeks. It’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but at any given moment it’s usually pretty clear which guns are Raven’s favorites — and which ones have fallen out of favor.Having a wider list of powerful options will lead to more variety Warzone 2.0.

“Better optimization of how guns operate can make [for] Instead of something like a nail gun ruling a whole month at a given time, there’s a flurry of metadata,” Epps said.

Unlike previous integrations, pioneer era war zone Lack of a central narrative related to gameplay. Vegvari hopes this will change Warzone 2.0.

“We’re still a long way from the days when we find the nuke at Dam in Verdansk, which leads into a bunker and eventually destroys the map,” Vegvari said. “Easter eggs each season feels more refined and exciting,” but for now, There is less and less emphasis on narrative elements.

Players will also want Raven to break its unfortunate habit of confusing it with features players already enjoy, such as forcing them to rotate modes weekly.

Sniper rifles are another classic example. Previously, even light aircraft with fast aiming times could eliminate the head with one hit at any distance. The 2022 update changes this so that only heavy snipers can single-shot, making lightweights all but useless.

“Please revive the sniper nerf or reconsider how the sniper will work warzone 2.0,said Green. “I’m begging.” “

The community also hopes that Activision will continue to combat cheating.

“I would like to see better anti-cheat parameters,” Epps said. “I don’t doubt there will be a lot of cheating after it’s released, so Infinity Ward really needs to crack down on that.”

war zone During some turbulent times, fans have held on to the game.Clearly there is a beloved foundation to reach new heights Warzone 2.0 emission. It’s an opportunity to start over, make changes to address longstanding issues, and hopefully bring back old players.

Warzone 2.0 Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2022.

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