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“I think I can be a really good person Sakai. I can bring my own spin”.

Bullet Train and Warrior actor Andrew Koji has revealed that he’s a big fan of the samurai action game Ghost of Tsushima and is currently “pursuing” the protagonist of Sony’s upcoming adaptation.

and Entertainment Weekly, Koji said he had beaten Ghost of Tsushima twice and was impressed with what Sucker Punch achieved. The time Koji spent with it also made the actor think he could be perfect for the role of Jin Sakai in the upcoming live-action film.

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“I’m going to hunt down the Ghost of Tsushima — that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to love it. I think I can make a really good Sakai. I can do it myself,” Andrew Koji said.

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He is a well-known star of the action genre, known for his roles in the recent Bullet Train, Snake Eye, Fast and Furious 6 and Warriors TV shows. That makes Andrew Koji perfect for an action-packed spectacle on the big screen, but it remains to be seen whether Sony producers believe that too.

As for the movie itself, the actor believes that the upcoming adaptation should not just follow the original but offer its own flavor. Director Chad Stahelski seemed to agree with Koji, as he too “wanted to do the right thing” and “stick to its virtues”.

“I’m thinking about it because [Ghost of Tsushima film] It’s on the horizon,” Koji explained. “It has to stand on its own because the game is so good. Let it exist on its own, and the movie should be a little different. “

The film seems to have a lot of competition, as Jin Sakai Daisuke Tsuji’s soundtrack has previously cast his name in the ring. The project is apparently still in early development and has no cast yet.

John Wick’s Chad Stahelski is directing the adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima, and award-winning writer Takashi Doscher is currently writing the screenplay. Developer Sucker Punch is also involved in the production, while a full sequel may also be made for the PS5.

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