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Blizzard developers shut down hopes of a third-generation Overwatch 2 beta ahead of an Early Access release date later this year.

Overwatch 2 There are two well-received beta testing periods. These provide developers with valuable notes on tweaking new and existing heroes. With months remaining between the end of the second beta and its Early Access release date, fans are starting to ask if or when Blizzard will announce a third beta. Thanks to Blizzard’s developers, fans will get the answers they’re looking for, but not what they want to hear.

Overwatch business leader and Blizzard VP Jon Spector shared some news about the development of Overwatch on his personal Twitter account. Overwatch 2 Leads to the Early Access release. The former commissioner of the Overwatch League acknowledged fans’ curiosity about the information on the third beta. He then announced that the game would no longer be in beta pre-release.

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Spector explained that Blizzard was pleased with the data obtained through the two public tests, and continues to play test it internally.With this, the team wants to focus all resources on making the “best game” Overwatch 2Early Access on October 4th.

Fans are divided over the decision not to have another beta. The main objection comes from some self-identified support players who haven’t seen much hero change in their characters so far. Overwatch 2The most radical changes that support heroes have received are the testing of Mercy’s super jumps being integrated into her movement settings, and the eventual restoration of Moira’s ability movement after developers were unhappy with its use during testing.

Fans are referring to a future version of the Kanazaka fox heroine, who was teased in a trailer during the Xbox Game Showcase. Supporting players’ concerns about releasing this new hero to the “live” version of the game without testing it. Especially new heroes Sojourn and Junker Queen among the other characters have been given show time in previous betas.

Presumably, the decision to spend the rest of the time getting the game in top shape for a broad release to the public was not just to keep things focused, but to reduce crunch. Diverting the developer’s attention to continuing development while making another beta close to the Early Access date may now be too much, especially with the gaming industry’s growing focus on reducing crunch. Fans are free to express their concerns and frustrations about the lack of another free beta period, but no one cares more about a game than the developers to make it the best it can be.

Overwatch 2 PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will be in Early Access on October 4th.

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