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Fifteen years in the making, things seem to be looking up for Beyond Good and Evil 2 as the upcoming role-playing game gets a new head writer.

Although it sold poorly when it launched in 2003, the first product received rave reviews beyond good and evil The game was mostly positive, and the title won multiple game awards, leading designer and writer Michael Ansel to crave a sequel. In 2008, announced Beyond Good and Evil 2 Coming soon, but it took Ubisoft almost a decade before the game officially launched in 2017.Rumors of dev hell have been circulating since then Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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However, things seem to be getting better Beyond Good and Evil 2. In early July, Ubisoft confirmed in a Q&A that it still believes the game is on the way, or even on the market. Beyond Good and Evil 2 as in active development. That doesn’t mean the game might be out anytime soon, but it does mean that work is being done.Now, fans have further proof Beyond Good and Evil 2 Have found myself a new lead writer.

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Sarah Arellano announced on Twitter that she will join Beyond Good and Evil 2 as lead writer on the project.Previously, Arellano worked at Blizzard as a narrative designer for World of Warcraft. In addition, she recently worked at Volition saints row A reboot planned for August 2022.Apparently, Arellano joined the team that was developing Beyond Good and Evil 2 With extensive experience in narrative design and writing, I hope to create an interesting story for players in the unique sci-fi setting of the series.

As mentioned, just because the news is on the rise Beyond Good and Evil 2 Again, that doesn’t mean gamers will be taking a closer look at the title anytime soon.Since the game just had a new lead writer, this could mean Beyond Good and Evil 2 It’s still a work in progress, which means the rest of the development is also some way off from completion. However, Ubisoft’s silence is only occasionally interrupted by the game’s ongoing duplication of work, and it’s hard to tell what state it’s in.

However, it’s good to know Beyond Good and Evil 2 Haven’t given up completely yet.For a time, many fans thought that due to the long development time of the game, it would eventually be cancelled, and even some Beyond Good and Evil 2 Developers are also waiting for cancellations.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Reportedly in development.

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