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British developer Lockwood Publishing, best known for its virtual world game Avakin Life, has come under fire again. company reviewIt was backed by a former employee who claimed there was a “complete disconnect” between management and workers. Many also said that “a new executive or product manager is being hired every week,” some of whom were apparently personal friends of the CEO, and “yes, inexperienced.”

On top of that, many continue to bring up the recent wave of layoffs that have been labelled “illegal”. That left 33 workers out of work before Christmas with little warning. Although Tencent invested $25 million, and CEO Halli Bjornsson’s personal wealth is reported to be £360,000 a year, he claims to have spent £600,000.

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“[Halli Bjornsson] The most ignorant CEO I know”, reads a Glassdoor review. “Seeing companies laying off good people to ‘cut costs’, then opening new studios and hiring several who seem to be making six-figure salaries Director, this is maddening. each other’s former colleagues. “

“Leadership team is brutal. No empathy for staff,” read another account. Many others have followed this trend, with one longtime current employee saying that “a real white boys club thing is happening” at the top of the company.

“There’s a lot of hiring at this upper level,” the comments continued. “And these employees are often friends of leadership and are very well paid.”

Another comment, also from current employees, criticized executives for following “hype trains” like Roblox and NFTs, which proved costly. “Of course, that doesn’t stop them from paying their own $250,000 salary while others struggle financially.”

According to reports, this will lead to a crunch. A current Lockwood artist said they had to work overtime on weekends around Christmas to change Avakin Life due to the CEO’s “whim.” Overall, nearly every review mentioned CEO intervention, and Avakin Life’s direction changed frequently. It is also claimed that the CEO does not accept criticism from developers.

These reviews are backed by former Lockwood employees TheGamer. “Everyone has had enough,” the worker told us. “Leadership ignored it and moved on as if nothing had happened.” This apparently led many employees to leave, except for those who lost their jobs last year.

Lockwood has responded to numerous comments, writing to former employees:

“Thank you for your feedback on your time at Lockwood. We are sorry that your experience at Lockwood did not meet your expectations and we take your criticism seriously. We hope to do better, although you no longer hear from the company Your comments, and we hope we can draw some lessons from it to help existing employees who may also have concerns.”

Lockwood has been contacted for comment. We will update this report to reflect any statements shared by the company.

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