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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla looks set to release a set of armor that references Iron Man.

as found European playersdata miner Andy Reloaded Some stylish new armors have been discovered in the game files, which may be released in future updates. The Advanced Mecha Armor Set allows the user to use the energy beam on the chest, very similar to Iron Man’s single beam.

The suit comes in two colorways, with the copper version very much like Iron Man’s red and gold outfit. The second Iron version is glossy white and looks more like a Star Wars stormtrooper. Neither includes specific references to related films, so these appear to be cheeky references rather than official crossovers.

Screenshot of the Copper Variant Advanced Mechanic set.  (Image credit: AndyReloads)

Screenshot of the Copper Variant Advanced Mechanic set. (Image credit: AndyReloads)

When wearing this new armor, your Battlecry ability is replaced by Single Beam – a forward-firing beam of energy that appears to deal area effects and fire damage.

Additionally, the Advanced Mechanical Armor set includes some other odds and ends:

  • Ripper one-handed sword
  • Caladhog Greatsword
  • A mount that looks like the western style of the Forbidden City on the horizon
  • Synin’s robot skin
  • Longship theme inspired by Animus

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla crossover story screenshot

It remains to be seen when these new items will be available in-game, especially as AndyReloads has previously posted about Seems to be a reference to Thanos’ yet-to-be-released suit as early as May.

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