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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla data miners discovered two sets of crossover armor in game files – Iron Man and Thanos.Both have unique designs that make them more like AC, like Iron Man has a red hood while Thanos has two Gloves with the Infinity Gloves look.

It’s not just a set of decorative armor either, as this Iron Man suit lets you fire blue laser beams from your chest when you activate the Battlecry ability (reportedly small house).

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The Iron Man armor also comes with two swords, a mount, and a raven, as well as a white variant very much like a stormtrooper, as highlighted in the AndyReloads video embedded below. However, these skins haven’t been announced and can’t be found in the in-game store, so it’s unclear when we can expect them.

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The Thanos suit is called the “Master of Elements” and comes with Thanos and Mayan-style armor. You’ll also get two golden gloves with glowing gems – infinity gloves, to be sure. Only you can’t warp reality and pull down the moon to destroy your enemies. Instead, you’ll find that as the gems glow, a new special perk and ability activates every ten seconds to aid you in battle.

It’s not the grand Infinity War-like spectacle that the movie’s Gauntlet is capable of, but it’s a neat cosmetic nonetheless. You can see the glove in action below.

Gauntlets are not weapons, so you can run around with dual swords while dual wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, turning you into an unstoppable purple killing machine. Unfortunately, minus the purple. Although it might be a little immersive if you’re trying to keep the Nordic theme – I don’t think there were any titans roaming around with magical space artifacts at the time.

While we don’t know when these armor sets will arrive in Valhalla, the new free Forgotten Legends DLC has released on August 2, adding a rogue-lite-style game mode. Eivor was sent to Niflheim, the land of the dead, to fight against Loki’s undead army.

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