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Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 is going well, thanks in large part to the battle royale game’s latest playable legend, Rhapsody. Like Fade, Rhapsody is described as a “mobile-first” legend, which means she’s exclusive to Apex Legends’ mobile spinoff — at least for now. A full-time DJ and part-time hacker, Rhapsody is a very entertaining support legend with powerful voice-based abilities that can disrupt opponents and empower her allies.

At the beginning of Season 2, many players, myself included, believed that Rhapsody was put into Apex Legends Mobile long before her ultimate ability, Rowdy’s Rave. Rhapsody seemed to be a pre-emptive measure to prevent Apex Legends’ scan meta Data appears in Apex Legends Mobile. While this metadata does play a role in Rhapsody’s design, it’s not the entire foundation behind her design.

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就上下文而言,扫描元数据多年来一直是 Apex Legends 社区的热门话题。 有几个角色有能力扫描敌人并通过固体物体显示他们的位置——它本质上是内置的墙壁黑客,没有办法对抗它。 正如你所猜测的那样,在第一人称射击游戏中,能够通过墙壁看到敌人是一项非常有用的技能,鼓励小队至少拥有一个可以扫描的传奇人物——比如寻血猎犬或先知——以便拥有获胜的机会更大。

处理扫描元数据已成为一个复杂的问题,因为扫描随着新角色的添加而发展。 例如,Ash 揭示玩家杀手位置的能力被认为是扫描,就像 Fuse 突出显示在他的终极能力 The Motherlode 中捕获的所有敌人的能力一样。 甚至 Apex Legends 第 14 季的新角色 Vantage 的两个能力都被认为是扫描,尽管它们都不像大多数其他扫描传奇那样可以穿墙。 由于没有对扫描的单一定义,控制台/PC 游戏中所有扫描的硬计数器将被严重压倒——这解释了 Respawn 对向 Apex Legends 添加“反扫描传奇”的犹豫。

但是在 Apex Legends Mobile 中,截至第 2 季唯一的扫描传奇是 Bloodhound,Respawn 有机会通过策划最终进入游戏的扫描传奇类型以及采取哪些策略来阻止该策略的重要性。反击他们——像狂想曲这样的反击者,第一个真正的反扫描传奇。

“狂想曲的终极版绝对是对许多基于扫描的能力的很好的反击,”Apex Legends Mobile 高级游戏设计师 Jason Shifter 告诉 GameSpot。 “我们喜欢玩家在我们的游戏中找到新的玩法,所以当我们考虑新传奇的机会时,我们总是关注当前、过去和潜在的未来元数据。在创建 Rhapsody 时,我们想要实现权力的幻想“控制声音。因此,合乎逻辑的下一步是评估她的能力如何适应当前的动态,然后决定采取多远。”

Apex Legends Mobile 团队喜欢 Rhapsody 迄今为止的表现,体现了他们创造让玩家感到强大和聪明的角色的理念。 “她进入了我们认为对当前版本有益的空间,”Shifter 说。

这个角色也让 Respawn 感到惊讶,因为团队已经看到数据表明玩家正在调整她主要以户外为重点的能力套件,以在室内进行战斗。 尽管她是一名辅助传奇人物,但一些玩家更多地使用 Rhapsody 的能力,或者是为了弥补 Apex Legends Mobile 目前缺乏侦察角色的情况。

“玩家还利用 [Rowdy’s Rave] Create a flanking opportunity for a more favorable position,” said Apex Legends Mobile lead game designer Chad Wilson. “We’ve seen teams coordinate with her to create a high mobility team paired with Octane’s jump pad.We also noticed that the player used her [passive] Able to successfully track legends and become a low-key “tracker” character. A cool strategy I see more and more is to use her ultimate as a diversion strategy. Since players can’t see if you’re behind a wall, even if you’re not, they’ll often think you’re there and they’ll shoot through it. It’s the perfect way to get your opponent to reveal their location and catch them off guard when you pop up. “

Apex Legends Mobile features three supporting Legends in Season 2 - Loba, Rhapsody and Lifeline.
Apex Legends Mobile features three supporting Legends in Season 2 – Loba, Rhapsody and Lifeline.

I also love Rhapsody, but I’m biased. I’ve wanted to make a sound-based legend in Apex Legends for years, though I’ve always thought they were more of an auditory variant of Mirage, using noises rather than holograms to trick opponents. The Apex Legends Mobile team didn’t take years to design and create Rhapsody, so I’m sorry I can’t attribute her existence to her, but it did take a while – her creative process took months.

“Each of these legends will take a while to create, however, the exact length of time depends on the number of new mechanics and making sure to have enough time to iterate and refine them to ensure our mobile-first legends feel the same way as Apex Games other legends in the game,” Shifter said. “But creating a new Legend is more than just developing character mechanics. We also need to create all the supporting content our players expect from a new Legend: Perks, [cinematics], their backstories and legends. All this work can easily add up to more than 10 months for every mobile-first legend. “

When creating a character like Rhapsody, there is also a third-person perspective to consider. Apex Legends Mobile supports third-person gameplay, which means that the character models and abilities of new characters need to be designed in a way that lets players understand what they’re doing and what’s going on with them, whether they’re playing first-person or third-person.

“Third Person [mode] “This is a special mobile-first feature that we need to celebrate because it allows players to see themselves playing in the cool world we’re building,” said Kevin Childress, creative director of Apex Legends Mobile. [Rhapsody’s drone] Rowdy is here to build a third-person visual language and give players something awesome that’s especially important when running and shooting. We always ask ourselves, ‘How does it look in the third person? It needs to be great there too! We’re not just reviewing abilities – it includes everything from running animations, slideshows, idles, and even how each Legend holds a gun in a unique way based on their personality. “

Almost everything related to Rhapsody has a healthy dose of purple.
Almost everything related to Rhapsody has a healthy dose of purple.

Rhapsody’s playable roster in the Apex Legends universe (24 faces if you count all the Legends in PC/console and mobile) also stands out in her color scheme and abilities. The default skins for many playable characters are muted colors, while Rhapsody comes in a vibrant purple. Her abilities are also gorgeous and noisy – it’s hard to miss her presence in a game. Apex Legends’ previous characters were extroverted, with decidedly annoying abilities, but nothing like Rhapsody.

“Rhapsody’s hometown is Kómma, and it has a strong cyberpunk design and colors—purple is one of them,” Apex Legends Mobile lead artist Bernikon told me. “We also wanted her color scheme to stand out from the existing lineup of Legends, so purple was an obvious choice for the team.”

“Rhapsody is set in a concert set in a notorious nightlife city, it’s an auditory and visual experience, so we want players to feel like she can hold a concert anywhere on the battlefield with loud music and dazzling lights Great party,” added Apex Legends Mobile lead writer Mike Rosenthal. “She bombarded the senses as a strategy.”

To ensure that Rhapsody is the best she can be, the Apex Legends Mobile team sought consultants while creating her. Writing as a Vietnamese woman, the team wanted to make sure Rhapsody’s design was accurate, so Respawn set up a community committee – which included G4TV host Gina Darling, Apex Legends host Samantha Kronos, ZA/UM writer Elise Trinh, and more, and Respawn lead environment Artist Leah Augustine provides feedback on the character’s appearance, behavior, and lore.

“Determining the right cultural context for the role was critical to us, and the most effective approach was to reach out to people who had first-hand experience,” Rosenthal said. “Our UXR team organized a committee of Vietnamese women from the Apex community to provide insights on how to develop Rhapsody. The Vietnamese members of EA also gave us guidance. We also hired a great voice actor with a Vietnamese background [Xanthe Huynh] Who really brings this character to life. “

Of course, the Apex Legends Mobile team worked with the Apex Legends team to ensure that the lore and backstories of both game characters could coexist in a meaningful way. “We share our work and seek feedback at every step of development,” Rosenthal said. “This helps ensure our new characters fit nicely into the established Apex universe.”

Only Respawn knows if that means we’ll finally see Rhapsody step into Apex Legends for console/PC, as a playable Legendary or a character on Quest. Currently, she’s a music lover in Apex Legends Mobile and a bulwark against scanning metadata.

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