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Kafton has announced that it is developing an untitled project based on the popular Korean fantasy novel The Bird That Drinks Tears.One Official website The Untitled Project has been launched to recruit talent to work on the upcoming game.

The site launches with concept art and details on in-game lore to help illustrate the project’s overall visual identity and tone. The Bird That Drinks Tears is a novel series by Yong-do Lee, one of the best-selling fantasy writers in Korea. Fans of the novel will recognize Crafton’s interpretation of the book’s four key races, including Humans, Recon, Tokebee, and Haga.

Who doesn't like chicken?
Who doesn’t like chicken?

Krafton also announced the hiring of artist Iain McCaig to help bring the project to life. McCaig has worked in various films and series such as Star Wars, The Avengers, Harry Potter and The Terminator. McCaig’s work will be the visual direction for the upcoming untitled game.

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