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If you are interested in connecting with a podcast advertising strategy Millennial or Gen Z customers But not sure if the right opportunity exists for your company, check this list podcast ad Statistical data.

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With these strategies, you can identify podcasts with price points and audience goals that make sense for your brand. You can then collaborate with them and leverage their expertise by sponsoring the content they produce. Alternatively, you can create a native ad that aligns with their discussion topic.

We’ll cover the biggest marketing opportunities for podcasting, where podcasting is headed, and the demographics that listen the most.

Table of contents:

Podcasts and Ads

Podcast Demographics

Podcast Growth

Podcast listener behavior

Podcasts and Ads

Podcast stats: 82% of marketers plan to continue investing in audio content

Podcasting Statistics: Podcasting Revenue Growth

Podcast Growth

Podcast Demographics

Podcast listener behavior

People listen to all or most podcast episodes


  • Podcast listeners are more likely to own smart speakers. (sprouts)
  • Podcasts are the #1 audio source for time spent by podcast listeners. (Edison Research)
  • 50% of podcast super listeners agree that podcast ads are the best way to reach them. (Edison Research)
  • Compared to older generations, millennials and Gen Z are 5% more likely to listen to podcasts for professional reasons. (pre-IQ)
  • About 50% of customer service reps have listened to podcasts at work. (pre-IQ)
  • 39.2% of those who listen to podcasts at least once a month listen through Apple Podcasts, while 26.4% use Spotify. (sprouts)
  • More than half of millennials listen to educational podcasts. (pre-IQ)
  • 62% of podcast listeners said they would be more likely to share a podcast with a friend if they could share a short segment or highlights from it, rather than an entire episode. (pre-IQ)
  • In 2021, dynamic ad insertion will account for 84% of podcast ad revenue. 40% of podcast ads are read by the host. (IAB Podcast Ad Revenue Report)
  • From 2020 to 2021, the amount of branded content on podcasts increased by nearly 82%. (chart)

Podcast Stats: Number of branded podcasts per year

Considering a podcast ad?

As you can see from the stats above, podcasting is growing in popularity — especially among the younger generation. While it’s often considered a “form of entertainment,” podcast content is very versatile.

For example, although Millennials or Gen Z Listening to podcasts featuring interviews with big celebrities, they also tune in to smaller shows that introduce them to new trends or news that are impacting their lives or careers.

Because there are so many podcasts, and so many listeners with buying potential, you may want to consider podcast sponsorships in your future advertising plans.

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