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As previously announced, Xbox Game Pass will release two new games on August 4 on PC, the cloud, and on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles.

About once every two weeks, Xbox Game Pass Announcing upcoming games. It doesn’t always go all out, though, and the service has added surprise games several times in the past. Still, it’s good to know what to expect in the next week or two. Xbox Game Pass releases are usually scheduled at the beginning and middle of the month.

So just a few days ago, Xbox Game Pass revealed the list of upcoming games.its shadow falls Ghost Recon Badlands On the day of Game Pass and confirmed today, August 4th for two games. One of the two games was previously announced as a day-one Xbox Game Pass game, but the other wasn’t mentioned before.

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The first game was Turbo Golf Racing, into Game Pass via PC, cloud and’s essentially a golf version Rocket League, players must play, using upgrades, jumping, flipping, and pushing their golf balls across the track and winning by entering the hole at the end. It’s a party game, and it gets even better when it’s included in Xbox Game Pass.

The second title is only available on PC Game Pass and it’s called Shenzhen I/O. This is a very simple puzzle game where the player takes on the role of an immigrant to Shenzhen, China. They are electronic engineers working in Shenzhen Longteng Electronics Company, and players are “creating” products for customers. This includes building circuits, writing code, running them, and more. Of course, for the average player, this is all simplified, although the programming language in the game is similar to assembly language. However, the circuits are all simplified from real-world electronics.

Whether or not these are to players’ liking, there are more to come. Xbox Game Pass confirms four games next week, including two o’clock campus August 9, and Cooking Simulator, Adventure: Romeand Alien Trading Company August 11th. The last two are PC-only, while the first two are available on all Xbox Game Pass platforms.

Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass plans to lose five games on August 15. Those interested should definitely play them before they leave, or grab them at the current discount if they like them but can’t finish them.The five games are Boyfriend Dungeon, Curse of Death, Ruined Library, Star Warlockand Training Sim World 2.

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers get some free games every month.

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