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While not as common as it once was, logos are still the norm for anyone listening to the currently airing weekly show WWE or AEW. Themes on the logo can range from wrestlers to shouting friends, but modern fans especially use the opportunity to emphasize their love of video games or debate which is better, final fantasy 14 or final fantasy 6. However, a fan brought a sign to the latest episode AEW explosives Reference to popular classics WWF has no mercy The logo was caught on camera during the most fitting match on the show.

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Among wrestling fans, the 2000s WWF has no mercy Widely regarded as one of the best professional wrestling games of all time and one of the best games of the Monday Night Fighting era, its WCW equivalent is WCW vs. nWo: Revenge. The game allows players to experience multiple storylines as they become the then-WWF Champion, as well as various other modes such as survival and the deep character creator of the time.This will also be the last WWF game released on the Nintendo 64, although it will be a blockbuster no mercy would become one of the best-selling games in the platform’s history.

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Attend the August 3rd AEW explosives And facing the show’s hard cameras in the front row gave him the perfect position to share his logo.His sign reads “I’m in this game no mercyBut it wasn’t caught on camera until halfway through the show. When the cameras did see the sign, it was during a singles match between veteran and former WWE wrestlers Matt Hardy and Christian Cage.

As mentioned above, there may not have been a more suitable camera to capture this sign during the show.Cage and Hardy were WWE’s rising young stars when no mercy Released, 2000 was a breakthrough year for both the men and the respective label teams they belonged to. Cage was working with Edge at the time, while Hardy was teaming up with his brother Jeff Hardy and taking part in the first triangular ladder race with the Dudley Boys. WrestleMania 2000 And the first TLC game of the year Summer Slam.

Cage and Hardy are not the only members WWF has no mercy The roster is currently enjoying a successful boxing career at AEW, either. The episode’s main event is Chris Jericho vs. Blackpool Combat Club’s Wheeler Yuta, with the winner facing the interim world champion in the next episode Jon Moxley Dynamite. However, at the time of the game’s release, Jericho was a fairly new addition to the WWF roster, having only made his debut in 1999 after jumping from WCW.

WWF has no mercy Available on Nintendo 64.

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