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One word a day keeps the doctor away from me.

At least that’s what they say.

Who knows if this is true, but if you’re feeling frustrated, you might as well try it.

even if it’s a lie,

This will help get you through the day.

A Wordle keeps ghosts out of sight overnight.

Or at least it might.

Who knows if it will, but it might fit the bill, you might as well take a chance,

Or go for cookies.

This will help get through the night.

So before your blood clots,

Let’s tackle some Wordles.

Today’s Wordle #411 Tips & Answers

There are spoilers ahead that fill you with fear, or put ideas in your head, so get out of bed.

Hint: I’ve already given you one, and I’ve actually given you a lot.

the answer is. . . .

Another tricky word!

Of course, maybe not that hard shy But still tough. I think I’m pretty lucky on this one, though not my third guess. My first two happen to rule out almost every other option.

In fact, promote-Despite only including a yellow letter “H” – narrowed my possible solution from 2,309 to only 53!

even better is, cheap Reduced those 53 to just 1, although I obviously didn’t realize it at the time, until I went to see His Royal Highness, the only, most holy, and probably very handsome (but also rude and possibly futile) His Highness himself , Jack of all trades, Wordle Bot.

Still, at this point I’m confused. I can’t think of anything involving the letter “U”, which is the only pure vowel left.Until I thought about the “Y” and where it could go, I finally popped the “E” in the last box and went rhyme. Even then, I don’t think this is the correct answer.

Lucky for me! Shhh!

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