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Quality players form the backbone of any FPL team as they are expected to score the most. As the most expensive option, whichever you choose takes up a significant portion of your budget, which means you need to think carefully about who you go with.

Ahead of the first game week of the season, I think there are some premiums vying for our interest. I will divide them into different categories – must, possible, waiting.

Obviously, you may disagree with me – that’s okay. Part of the fun of the FPL is seeing how the different opinions change after the game starts.

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In my opinion, there is only one person in this category.

That’s Liverpool Mohamed Salah (£13m)who is the ideal FPL choice.

He scored more than 200 points in the FPL for five straight seasons and was the top scorer in three of those seasons.

At the same time dominate the statistics.

Salah is a great FPL scorer
Salah is a great FPL scorer

The Egyptian is also a solid captain option for nearly every game week, and he’s extremely durable as he’s rarely injured or rested.

He’s the only player that must be available at the start of the season.


Four representatives from two clubs – Manchester City and Tottenham – make up the Maybes.

Unless you’re going to make your squad unbalanced and pick three senior players in a so-called “threemium” setup, you’ll probably go with one of those players alongside Salah.

The four players are Harry Kane (£11.5m), Son Heung Min (£12m), Kevin De Bruyne (£12m) and Erling Haaland (£11.5m).

The top three have proven FPL pedigree and Haaland is an intriguing example of someone with an elite background who may still need time to establish himself in the Premier League. However, managers appear to be more supportive of the former Dortmund man than the other three: at the time of writing, the Norwegian is in less than half of the FPL’s squad, while Kane and Son are in about a quarter. of teams, while De Bruyne’s ownership hovers at 15%.

This is probably a key question to consider at the outset: if Haaland hits the mark in Game 1 against West Ham and you don’t own him, you could be punished if you choose the alternative – especially with Bournemouth looming in a favorable matchup in Game 2.

Of course, this logic also applies the other way – if you start with Kane, for example, you want him to score more than Haaland in a good first game against Southampton, and you would Get the initial advantage instead of backing the Manchester City killer’s manager.

As for who to include, I’m leaning towards one of the strikers as it makes the team more balanced rather than having two top midfielders, but I’m still not sure: no results, no wrong answers. So basically choose the one you think is best for you.


i will take class Cristiano Ronaldo (£10.5m), Raheem Sterling (£10m), Bruno Fernandes (£10m) and Jamie Vardy (£9.5m) As Premium and Wait-N-Sees.

Ronaldo is looking to leave Manchester United this summer
Ronaldo is looking to leave Manchester United this summer

There are a number of reasons for this: either their club has a new management in Manchester United’s case, they are new signings in Sterling’s case, or there may not be one at that price in your team at all Space for players, otherwise in the case of Vardy.

I’d love to have some other combinations in my primary due to the great early game and the fact that I’m more than happy to captain these guys, but don’t underestimate this group; they’ll probably be available at a slight discount as things go. The price plays a role in our team.

Every game week, Tom comes from Who got help? FPL Podcast Will bring you tips, transfer advice and all the advice you need to win the mini-league.

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