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word is a game only for the hardest hardcore gamers in chat. For amazing mind and walking thesaurus. God who walks and reads among us. But for the average Joe or Nancy, it’s a game that tests our little knowledge of the English language and makes us yell “REBUS ISN’T A WORD!” Monday morning in a crowded train carriage.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

If you haven’t played it until today, hello newborn! Wordle is a word-based puzzle game in which you have to guess a five-letter word. It changes every day and you get some clues, just try it six times a day.

New York Times The rights to Wordle were acquired in January, but the game first exploded last October. Since then, it’s been an app on everyone’s mind. People share silly little graphs on social media showing off their daily Wordle results. Oh, and you got the “Yuanbao” after only trying it twice? OK Of course, Jan. I bet you also use “inorb” and “baler” in everyday language?

word It is as much a brain teaser as it is a social contest and a global water cooler campaign. A game that gives you the tools of aristocracy to show off at your next glam dinner party. An academic competition of wisdom and puzzle solving. Huza.

But if you’re struggling to find your answer today, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to find Wordle’s answers today and finally show your friends that you’re a real hardcore gamer.

Worldle, the word guessing game
Photo illustration by Brandon Bell via Getty Images

what is today word Answer, August 4th?

today’s answer word (August 4th) is: RHYME

Previous word Answer

August 3 – Youth
August 2 – Coy
August 1 – Quarterly

July 31 – Cramps
July 30 – The bluff
July 29 – Disturbed
July 28 — STOMP
July 27 – Motto
July 26 – Immediately after
July 25 – Elopement
July 24 – Strength
July 23 — Midge
July 22 – Trieste
July 21 – Aphids
July 20 – stale
July 19 – Rage
July 18 – FLOCK
July 17 – Weird
July 16 – Room
July 15 – Wedge
July 14 – Liver
July 13th – bland
July 12 – Evening
July 11 – Mrs.
July 10 – Berth
July 9 — stable
July 8 – The Voice
July 7th – Tequila
July 6th – Fluff
July 5th – Field
July 4th – Severe
July 3 – Cloves
July 2 – Egret
July 1st – Pinto

June 30 – Hatch
June 29 — GAWKY
June 28 — DROLL
June 27th – Retro
June 26 – Rust
June 25—Beddie
June 24 – “The Cataclysm of God”
June 23 – The Edge
June 22nd – Oops
June 21 – Schadenfreude

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