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want a list of all Vampire Survivor Cheats? Adding cheat codes late in development seems like a cruel joke for a roguelike game, but here we are. Patch 6.2 gives potential vampire hunters a chance to enter some codes to gain powerful abilities.

To unlock the Vampire Survivor cheats, You need to find Morbane’s Forbidden Scroll, you can get it by killing Bone Orb in Bone Zone. Once you select this, a new secret menu will appear on the main menu. Not only can you enter cheats here, but you can also see the conditions for unlocking hidden vampire survivor unlockable characters. Of course, you can also just enter your passcode to unlock them; we have the full list below.

all vampire survivor cheat codes

Here are all the Vampire Survivor cheats:

main menu cheat

  • X-x1viiq – Unlock Exdash as a playable vampire survivor character
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc, Enter – Earn 5,000 Gold (can only be used once)

Character Cheats

  • Akka Radona – Feladona
  • La Dona Gate – Vivaradona
  • Lama Ladona – Super Ladona
  • Polacho – The strongest character
  • Domario – bioparco
  • Shura Cleric – Fasima
  • crouchfrito – Accident
  • Christine Davin – Crystal makeup
  • Yata Cavallo – Atapanda
  • Bianca Ramba – Calamba
  • Osomio – reset
  • Sir Ambrogio – Langurino
  • jorrenton – Secondary evolution
  • big pants – Erivatola Rotino
  • Cosmo Pavo – lhovistoio
  • Boone Marabio – Fetinib
  • Leda – I will never let you forget me
  • Peppino – Pino Ciampino
  • get Boros – high five
  • red grim reaper mask – blasphemous mockery
  • dash – exdashexoneviiq
  • toast -tramezzini (only works when Exdash is unlocked)

Stage Cheats

  • Ilmolis – relax and enjoy life
  • Moon Valley – honest
  • green space – dotgogreenacres
  • Bone area – Rotten Pizza
  • boss rash – Pinnacle Game Design

Relic Cheats

  • Tome of Grim – This should be unlocked by default
  • Ashhouda – this should also be unlocked by default
  • galaxy map – Lead Sour Cheese
  • glass lizard – Eggy Saiggs
  • mind bender – Teleportustomars
  • Random + Arcana VI – random number
  • Great Gospel -I can hear the cry of Captain Planet
  • Magic wand – Shekel Lund
  • witch’s tears – time compression
  • yellow sign – I’ve seen, I’ve seen, I’ve seen, I’ve seen

joke cheats

  • Rotate the UI a little bit – Spinn

How to Unlock the Vampire Survivor Cheat Menu

As mentioned before, you must kill the Bone Ball in the Bone Zone to get Morban’s Forbidden Scroll, which unlocks the cheat option on the main menu. Our advice is to pick a fast character and you can manually target this monster with a weapon. You’ll want to kill it as quickly as possible, because the more enemies bump into it, the bigger it will get, boosting its health. Our method of choice is to dash down with the mask of the red death, but picking other fast characters like Crouch, Pugnara, or Marabio should work just as well.

It might seem like a pointless endeavor, especially if you’ve unlocked everything, but these vampire survivor cheats at least help you fill in some of the gaps. If you’d rather get every character without using codes, you can use the best vampire survivor to win the game or get enough cash to pay for all vampire survivor powerups and boost your base stats. You may also want to know all the vampire survivor weapon evolution recipes at a glance.

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