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Overall, Minecraft mobs are pretty cute. Sure, the warden has a face that only a mother can love, but there’s no denying that Alai is inherently cute. Well, a Minecraft mod YouTuber named RaineyX thinks Minecraft isn’t cursed enough at all, and changed that on his own.

RaineyX does a lot of videos On Minecraft mobs, their appearance is often tweaked to make them more realistic, or they are recreated as characters from other games. This time, RaineyX thinks enough is enough.They just want to screw up Minecraft Twist all mobs. Some of these are fairly simple things like making spiders grow longer; others are more disturbing.

Before we get into the ones that trigger nightmares, let’s talk about bees. The first mob to change, RaineyX, is the humble Minecraft bee. You know, those humming cute little things? Well, they’re all Steve now. Watching a bunch of Steves flying around is definitely weird, maybe scary, maybe even life-changing. who said?

The creepers were treated by the pyramid heads, and they all became sentient walking pyramids. It’s not good, and, as RaineyX asked himself, what’s wrong with them? From there, you have skeleton sheep and a giant dog, Enderdragon. It’s a series of weird changes that actually resulted in a weird bug where the endermen disappeared, making the game more or less unparalleled.

Still, the main mob that haunts our dreams is the Minecraft Lego pig from a few months ago. Why does it have Lego human hands? What does it want from us? Why does the light appear as soon as it goes out?

In less dire news, you can now enjoy the spectacle of Breath of the Wild in Minecraft thanks to some very clever modders.

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