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Xbox may have Removed that dreaded God of War piratebut its creators still blatantly mimicked several high-profile games on the Xbox Store.

As it turns out, Dolaka LTD has quietly released a whole set of doppelgangers for the past six weeks, and I’ve been poking through them like a vulture deep in the neck of a buffalo carcass.This operation is close to the realm of imitation rings; see Classic Platformer Mariones (opens in new tab), if you try it, it hardly feels more like Mario. If mushrooms, spiky turtles, and golden problem blocks aren’t obvious enough, its official description reveals the entire behavior:

“Are you ready for a 2d classic platformer? Try to save the princess with Mariones. Skip many chapters. Kill enemies. Collect items and coins. Collect and earn stars. This is a very fun classic game. “

doraka co., ltd.

(Image credit: Dolaka LTD)

gold, stars, princesses, Mariones – It’s all there for $3.99, a recurring price point at Dolaka. For the record, I think I want to “skip a lot of chapters”, thank you for the choice.

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