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If you’ve ever spent any time on The Sims 4, or even admired one of the many communities of content creators, you know that Sim titles can be confusing. Half of The Sims 4’s charm is undoubtedly marrying the weirdest couple and eventually finding unique ways to kill them, but the latest exploit plaguing players has taken it to a level of weirdness never seen before.

Following last week’s free update to The Sims 4, which now allows players to choose their Sims’ sexuality, there have been some unusual bugs.

Check out the trailer for The Sims 4 High School Days!

The first bug that comes up causes Sims to age rapidly within minutes. It’s not a scary thing for someone who hates caring for young children, but it’s frustrating for a lot of people to see the whole family become old.

The next loophole is one that will be familiar to The Sims veterans too, and it suddenly allows Sims to express interest in Sims that they certainly shouldn’t. As part of the update, along with the High School Age expansion pack that launched at the same time, a new “Wants and Fears” feature from previous The Sims games was re-introduced into The Sims 4. This is great news and an equally great feature, but it comes with some problems.

That is, Sims’ expressed desires include dating other family members. Additionally, Adult Sims are reportedly flagging teens in inappropriate social bunnies posts as part of the High School Age expansion pack (thanks, game point).

recent Patch Notes Show that these two unusual bugs have been fixed. The patch notes for the base game, as well as the Get Famous and High School Years expansions, should no longer see the rapid aging of short-lived and long-lived Sims.

Additionally, “Request to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend” is not only for eligible Sims, but also no longer encourages incest. Additionally, adults will no longer tag teens in inappropriate social bunny posts. Finally freed!

With those issues ironed out, a different question still seems to be on the minds of The Sims 4 creators, and that’s EA’s latest policy update on mods and custom content.

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